Whiplash Book 1 - A Rust Chronicles Novel Author Morgan Quaid


5 out of 5 stars!

"She's lost her keys again and, instead of just breaking in through the bathroom window like any normal person, she starts hammering on the door waiting for old Jacky-boy to save the day." - Jack

Jack's seemingly peaceful life gets thrown into disarray when he's kidnapped! Finally getting things together and potentially getting the girl only to find himself surrounded by others his own age or younger. All being quarantined in The Bunker, no contact to the outside world, their friends, or their families!

Constantly being told a war is coming, but what war? They see news reports that the group run by "Giant" is allowing them to see, can they even trust the news reports are real? What's this new virus effecting millions around the world? Why are dreams so important to these people? And why does Jack keep dreaming of a red city?

"So traumatic and unexpected is the act of dreamed death, it actually forces the brain to shut down." - Clover

Everything is revolving around dreams, specifically lucid dreams. But why are they so important? And why does everyone keep talking about a war and how they need to train for it? Also why does Jack keep having sporadic dreams with a red city?

This book had Ender's Game and Matrix vibes. I loved that it was very fast paced and kept you wanting to read on until the end. Which, there is a cliffhanger! The science behind the book and the imagination of the worlds was incredible. I really enjoyed the Traumwelt and the city within. Also just the concept of what would happen if you didn't wake up from those dreams were you are falling. You keep going. . .

Alright so the "test" and "trails" Jack and the others go through. They are very intense and Jack states multiple times they are torturous. There are drugs used and electric shock treatments. All in hopes of "opening" the recruits mind. Just fair warning. There is violence and some gore within this book as well as language. Sex is mentioned in the book and there's a scene of passion, but it goes to black. But it is implied as to what happened.

I loved the fast paced story, the world building, ALL of the characters, and I cannot wait for book two to come out! There are several elements within the book and they all tie together. Didn't feel like the author was checking off any boxes. Just going with the flow and having fun with his imagination. This book can be read as a standalone but Morgan mentions to read the "Rust Chronicles: Volume 1 - A Compendium of Rebellion and Sorrow" first.

Though I haven't been able to read the collection of shorts. Going into this book as the first one I have read, I was able to understand everything. This is a great first installment in the novels of Rust Chronicles Saga and I will be continuing the series!

Enjoy this epic read and give the author some stars!







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