The Dropped Stitch (Part One Transportation) Author Petra Palerno


4.5 out of 5 stars!

"So I ran in whatever direction took me farthest from the horrific scene that was once my life. . ." - Cordelia

Being forced to run away from her home, no longer being allowed to live a "simple" life again. Cordelia runs, though every part of her wants to stay. Yet if she had remained what could she have done in the face of the terrifying monster? Cordelia finds herself having odd sensations and suddenly being surrounded by unknown territory.

Finding herself in the Fae Realm unbelievably. But how did she get her? Everyone, including Cordelia, are trying to figure this out and possibly a way of getting her home. Only some wish for Cordelia to stay even if the Fae Realm view humans a bit differently. Cordelia has things she must take care of in her own realm, not wishing to tell the truth of why she was injured or the events leading up to this point.

Trying to move past the grief and return to the life she was forced from. Yet these Fae seem to really like her and wish to protect her. One particular Fae she finds a real friend in. While another's given her the beautiful nickname of "Rabid Fox". But the Fae who helped to calm her mind is something else, causing her to have doubt of returning home.

Cordelia wanted a loving, simple life with her family. Now she's on a new path, one she never expected to be on. Hiding her true identity and past for fear of what could come of the truth. Not trusting her "new" life or the people within it, for good reason with one. Cordelia's a strong, curvy, fighter, and an independent woman thanks to her father's teaching. But sweet and caring thanks to her mom.

There were a lot of flashbacks in the beginning but continue the read! It will make sense as to why she has them. I loved the mystery around Cordelia and her family. I hope to see more and some answers as well. Enjoyed her feistiness especially with the Fae who calls her a Rabid Fox. And the first meeting she had with the one who calmed her mind. . .was hysterical.

This read also has illustrations! I was very surprised and happy when I "turned" the page on my Kindle and found one. Love illustrations in books. They weren't completely detailed out so you could insert your image of the characters and the scenes. But I loved having a little bit of a baseline.

I loved Nelo! And even though she had some tragedy in her life, she didn't hold grudges and could move forward. She's a great balancer for Cordelia. Also enjoying how some characters are not what they seem on the surface. Little hints about things. . .

This was a story that had been featured on Kindle Villa, now it is put together in three parts. So yes, there will be a big cliffhanger and a oh no, you did what?! Part two is right around the corner though! It is set to release in August and I will be snatching it up. I need to know what happens since this was only the beginning.

There's some trauma and grief within the book. Language and MF action, the author did put in some more trigger warnings but for the ENTIRE series. Just so you know what to expect within the parts to come, three parts total. This is going to be a slow burn with an age gap. But I mean Fae kind of out live humans by a LONG stretch. Now I'm going to go sulk a little bit about the main character and that cliffhanger. 

Enjoy the first part of this magical, unpredictable adventure with twists and give the author some stars!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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