Spells and Slip-Ups : Arcane Souls World (The Wrong Witch) Author Annie Anderson

ARC Reviewer

5 out of 5 stars!

"If f*cking up were a super power, I'd be considered a god by now." - Wren (first line of the book!)

Wren's on a mission as she walks down Factor's Walk in Savannah, Georgia. She's needing a spell cast on her adoptive mother, a mom she wishes was her own. Or one that actually adopted her. Regardless, Alice Whitlock is her mother figure and her best friend's mom. Wren's determined to not let Alice die from her mortal illness.

Being a descendant of the Bannister Witch blood line, Wren should be the one doing the spell. Right? Wrong, very wrong. Wren, to her family's immense displeasure and disappointment, CANNOT do magic at all! Or be anywhere close to someone casting a spell of any kind.

It backfires in a very intense way.

When finding her destination things go up in flames when the caster, Carmichael Jones ignores Wren's warning. Trying to perform the spell as soon as yesterday. Luckily Wren gets out of the shop with the aid of a mysterious man. Only to land herself in front of an agent from the Arcane Bureau of Investigation.

Because of her little quest Wren's given two options: jail time or a ten year service commitment to the ABI. IF she can pass the selection exams at Camp Blue Ridge.

". . .Camp Blue Ridge, ABI's selection school from Hell." - Wren

The second main character we get to see POV from is Nico's. Nico has been following Wren, not by choice, or is it? Keeping an eye on her but also tracking an odd spike of dark magic and it just so happened to come from Wren. . . He quickly learns that this black sheep of the Bannister family is going to keep him busy. Yet his wolf is wanting to be close to Wren.

Being almost thirty and close to coming into his full powers as an Alpha. Nico finds that he can't seem to stay away from Wren or get her out of his head. But she isn't his mate and more than likely she has placed a spell on him. But after meeting with a friend, Wyatt, who has been looking for him. Nico's plans change. Heading toward Camp Blue Ridge to train the new cadets and getting to the bottom of a secret case.

Only Nico realizes too late that one of the cadets happens to be Wren Bannister. . .

". . .she's going to give me an ulcer." - Nico

Wren finds herself having to survive boot camp and hope she can make it through. Praying her mouth doesn't get the best of her with one particular instructor who's placed his sights on her. Making sure to dog Wren at every turn. While having another instructor make her feel all gooey and warm inside. But Instructor Nico Acosta is off limits! He's an instructor and she's a cadet. Yet there's something there and did she hear a growl coming from him or was that in her head?

This book was a great start for this series! Though I was so caught up that when I got close to the end of the story, I realized there was no way the author was going to tie everything up. So yes, there is a cliffhanger! But book 2 is set to release this September (2022), not a long time to wait.

I loved Wren from the moment I read the first line of the book! And Nico!

"The world needed less men in it who'd hurt women." -Nico

In my notes for the book I literally wrote YES!!! This is a sentence from after Nico dealt with something on Wren's behalf. I loved both of the characters in this book and there was a lot of sexual tension and build up. So yes, this book does contain MF action with all the spicy details! There's also some violence in this book especially toward the climax of the plot.

Wren's just trying to do a good thing and it backfires on her. All she wants is a normal, human life with her best friend Ellie. But life never goes the way you plan and the ride is crazy. The comedy in this book was great and had me laughing a lot. Of course there's some angst and miscommunication moments. I liked all of the ladies from Cabin Three and how everyone took to Wren.

Fiona was a delight, and I cannot wait to see more of her in book 2. A quote that I really liked from this diva of Cabin Three was:

"I know I'm blonde, but blind and stupid, I am not." - Fiona

The story's a fun and interesting ride with twists I didn't expect. The romance is amazing and how they go about understanding and acknowledging it. The ending was fantastic, and I definitely hope to read book two. I also really want to see Wyatt again, loved that wolf shifter.


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