Butterflies Author L. A. Nettles


5 out of 5 Stars!

"Am I aging like an expensive bottle of scotch? Or an overripened avocado?"

Emerson Vaughn, Emme, has been whisked away to New York City by her best friend. A Texas Barbie who still has the accent but a very big heart, Ashley. Wanting nothing more than to see her best friend happy especially with life really kicking Emme hard in the gut. Right down to having to go through empty nesting.

"It feels like another divorce but without anger and resentment." - Emme

Being forty-three and back out on the "market", Emme really wants nothing to do with it. With how things have advanced in the technology filled dating scene. . . I completely agree with her! The part that really gets me about "modern" dating is unsolicited pictures. You know the ones I mean. . .

The catch to this luxurious trip is a Dr. Alexander Jameson, a sex therapist. Ashley pushing Emme toward the doctor in hopes it will help with her self-love. Seeing herself in a new light and to help with intimacy issues. Though Dr. Jameson's doing this more out of a favor, so not strictly doctor/client relationship. Ashley warning Emme that his methods are a little unorthodox but effective!

The theme to her trip and meeting with Dr. Jameson is to keep an open mind. But will her smart mouth turn the good doctor away? Will she be able to open her heart up? And do those butterflies in your stomach really flutter?

"I lost myself in a man. I will never do that again." - Emme

This is a story about finding yourself when you have no choice but to face yourself. Sometimes needing a friendly little shove into the right direction helps. Emme has such an amazing best friend and I fell in love with Ashley from the moment I met her.

"I'd even hide a body with you." - Ashley

Her personality was amazing and she truly did support Emme. Never judging, being open and honest. Emme is growing and trying to embrace the new her while understanding this new attraction to a man. She's hesitant and unsure but there's clear sexual attraction and tension on both sides! Alexander having to work through some of his demons and past.

Emme's not his typical patient or short-term relationship. She is entirely different and her smart mouth draws him in like a moth to a flame. Only when you play with fire you might just get burned. Both are hesitant of one another but you can see the flickers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Getting lost into the pages but stopping to laugh out loud or take down a note. Moments of cheering for the two and rolling my eyes in other moments. This was a fantastic romance read! I can relate to Emme with having a smart mouth and no filter. But actual men like loud women who don't hold back. And the tension build-up between these two was incredible! I liked the age gap as well and how Alexander could care less about age.

As you get older you realize walking on egg shells and keeping your mouth shut it stupid. Therefore, this book does contain language, talk of sex, MF action, very spicy action. There's a scene involving a tantric massage and the massuese is female and it is detailed as to what happens. It is a professional massage so I can't really categorize it as FF action. 

One last character I really want to mention. . . Basil! I LOVED her so much and I hope to see her again honestly. She's an unfiltered British, independent woman. Her advice, playfulness, and personality were amazing. I was excited to see so many scenes with her.

This book ends with a happily ever after and maybe a few tears. But all good ones! I loved this romance and all the feisty women inside. This is a great read and you may even feel butterflies by the end of it.

Enjoy the read and give the author some stars!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.





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