Trapped (MM Primal Play Novella): The Wicked Chase Book 2 Author Lola Malone

Book Review

3.8 out of 5 stars!

"Soon now, mon papillon. My butterfly." - Arsène

Another Wicked Chase is about to take place in the dark woods surrounding Monterrey Castle. Another night full of fear and anticipation as initiates are hunted down. Seeing which one of the four candidates can remain uncaught for two hours to claim their place in the Brotherhood. . .

"Vengeance. That’s why I signed those damn papers. It’s what I feel every day when I climb those double-spiral stairs and follow the narrow halls." - Robin

I love this novella series and the primal play that takes place in each book. Seeing how different couples react to one another and being caught within the Wicked Chase. Fair warning this installment centers around spiders and how they hunt their prey. One of the MMCs is obsessed with arachnids and even has pet spiders.

Robin hates money and the titles that come with being from a wealthy family. It has messed up his life and controlled his decisions and future. He wants to be a carefree artist like his mother, but Robin also can't stand the disappointment in his father and brothers' eyes. He wishes to be free but how can he go about doing that?

Arsène can't keep his eyes off Robin and the time to act has finally come. He's chosen Robin for himself, and he won't allow anyone else to have him! But first he needs to help Robin spread those "fluttering wings". He can be patient and knows Robin will be well worth the wait.

For me personally this wasn't my favorite out of the novellas so far. I felt like the dynamic between the two was a little flat. I didn't get the suspense and anticipation I did with the first installment. I loved Arsène and his fascination with arachnids and the detailing behind why he loved them. Robin for me felt a little whiny and I couldn't fully vibe with his character. Something that threw my nerdy brain out of the read is that arachnids aren't insects, they have too many legs to be categorized as insects amongst other things. 

This book does contain language. Lola writes dark romance reads so be mindful of the CWs! This one specifically deals with drugs being ingested to make things more fun and loose. Fear and anxiety along with the effects of the drugs used is depicted through first person POV. We have dual POVs to understand the differences of power plays going on. 

We do have fun MM action involving bondage along with the main primal chase. There's a brief scene of MMM, but only kissing and watching. Hints that the main couple from this book may share with another couple in the future. Praise, Virgin MMC, and more.

The novellas don't need to be read in order since there's recaps of why the Chase is happening and what the rules are. Each erotica featuring a new couple with an HEA. We do get more insight with this installment if you started with "Collared". I will be continuing to read this series and more because I do love Lola's books and writing.

Enjoy the dark college romance with a secretive and powerful brotherhood! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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