Fae's Freedom: Fated Fae Book 3 Author Luna Daye

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this series goes in order. Each book is about a different couple and may take place in a different Court, but there's an overarching plot that's on going! Not to mention other little plots popping up! This book is a key one since the couple is a very important one. So, spoilers ahead!





"Oh, God… what if it is me?" - Yasmine

Yasmin places the weight of everything onto her shoulders as the words leave Seki's lips. . . Yaz already having a hunch, but the confirmation is even worse. Eleven of them including herself trapped in the Fae Realm with no way to get home and it's all her fault! Yasmine doesn't know what to do or what choice she should make. Should she reject the mate bond and go home or accept and stay?

"As such, we have both, perhaps, been afforded a little less scrutiny, a little more freedom in our youth. We often sought mischief when our courts came together for festivals and celebrations. What started as childish folly grew into a deep friendship, even as the gatherings of our courts dwindled." -Autumn Lord

Being the youngest of his siblings, Autumn Lord has gotten away with many things. Simply receiving a scolding from his older brother or potentially a swat on the back of the head but nothing more. Only this time the youngest is being held accountable and beginning to understand the gravity of it all. Especially after being told, he didn't just bring over his mate, NO he brought over ELEVEN humans' total! Worst of it is, he doesn't know if his mate will even want to look at him once his punishment is up. . .

“I can lip read. As long as I can see your face clearly, I can usually understand what you’re saying.” Context, facial expressions, and body language are important too. - Yasmine

Yasmine is deaf and being in this new realm is a bit intimidating. But also, breath taking as Yaz soaks in the scenery and the beautiful Autumn colors! Her artist brain coming out as she takes in all of it and itches to place what she sees and feels on paper. But first she has to focus on understanding the Fae and the other humans. Some completely terrified or angry that they are stuck here.

Yasmine begins to settle into the Autumn Court enjoying her time but not being able to say it out loud since the person she's grown closest to isn't thrilled at all about being here. Alex was there for Yasmine when she needed someone who could sign for her and the two have been inseparable, but they are opposites. Alex is ready to tear the Autumn Lord apart and return home while Yasmine is having some reservations. But can she voice her true feelings out loud? 

I could relate to Yasmin a lot when she started getting more into her own head. Understanding that she is the reason that everyone is here even if it was by accident. Only Yasmine takes on all of the blame and feels lost as she tries to come to a decision. But she knows for a fact it isn't right for the Autumn Lord to be behind IRON bars! The two are facing their own individual cages whether physical or mental trying to figure out how to get their freedom.

I really appreciated and admired the fact that the youngest fully faced the consequences of his actions. It was a little intense reading about what happens to a Fae when they are exposed to iron for a long time. Was also sad knowing that the Autumn Lord glimpsed his mate, fell unconscious, woke to find himself in a cell, confused and not knowing whether or not things actually worked! 

This book has some very healing arcs in it! I really love how each couple has different dynamics and how they approach one another. With this read we get a lot of fluffy, feel-good intimacy as the two court one another mostly on the Autumn Lord as he tries to win over his mate's heart and trust. Him coming to terms with the fact he may have to thaw out Yaz's guard dog Alex a little first!

We still get dual POVs with this installment and I love being able to see the growth of the author with each book! Language is present along with a first person POV of being sickened by iron. There's a scene involving an injury and need for a splint, nothing detailed out. Friendships are tested and strengthened with this read! This series is still following the genre of being lighthearted with some moments of intensity but nothing over the top or ridiculously detailed out!

“I have waited a lifetime just to meet you." - Autumn Lord

So, again I truly loved the intimacy of the main couple and just how things were approached. Yasmine not instantly leaping into the Autumn Lord's arms and him understanding it's going to take a lot more to win Yasmine over. We do get MF action and there's a moment before the big scene that was just so perfect!

HEA for main couple but we still have cliffhangers for things yet to come. There's more to the plotline and things build with each new installment. I love that we are moving around to different courts and not just remaining in the Autumn Court for the entirety of the series!

Enjoy the fluffy, fantasy romance with courting, building of trust, and love! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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