Hemlock Falls: The Covens Book 2 Author Cici Myers

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4.5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! Read the first book otherwise this review will contain spoilers and be confusing!





"The Devils and their siren were going to bring the entire force of their power down onto The Wishmaker and their followers." - Lexi

The Wishmaker is making their moves and it's hitting extremely close to home, not that their previous acts weren't already accomplishing just that. Lexi is forced to make hard decisions and understand the gravity of what it means to be a coven leader! But the more the Wishmaker pushes the stronger Lexi and her Devils will become!

The clock is ticking down and lives are on the line! Lexi refuses to sit back and not do anything as she tries to navigate through the secrets. Her Devils helping her with her investigation and hunt but being stopped at almost every turn. Who is the Wishmaker and what do they want with her? Lexi's trying to keep it all together, for the covens, the Devils and herself, but breaking. Will she be able to have it all and keep everyone safe?!

“Princess, we’ve been cursed for years, so let the fire rain down on us, because Devils don’t burn.”

First off. . .I feel like I need a medal for finishing this book! I normally don't read seven-hundred-page books, but I wanted to with this one because I absolutely loved the first book. Now I know some readers will scoff and do a hair flip while holding up thick books they breezed through. Page count shouldn't matter if you truly love a book, the characters, author, writing style, etc. But finishing a big book feels like a major accomplishment!

Lexi's growing tired of this cat and mouse game as the Wishmaker toys with every aspect of her life! Finding out well kept secrets has her moving forward down a rocky path as she uncovers the truth. Lexi will stop the spread of Pixie Dust through the covens along with saving the lives of the kidnapped mermaids from her coven! Only, she's not alone in this endeavor as her Devils rally beside her. But has she fully forgiven them?

Ella’s eyebrows shot up. “Well, shit… that’s, ummm… all three? You gotta tell me how the hell that works?” (Same! *Sits down with notepad alongside my bestie, Ella*!)

The Devils = Aden, Tristian, and Bash are trying to prove with their actions that Lexi can trust them. Being possessive vampires who will do anything for their beloved siren! Only relationships are strained, and things are uncertain as the three try and understand each other and their own feelings. Lexi making it clear that she will not choose just one of them. Only they can tell that one of them has a steeper cliff to climb than the other two with getting her trust back.

What drew me in the most with Lexi and her men is the fact that she doesn't instantly accept their apology. Even in this installment they have to work to earn her trust and forgiveness! I also love how the author writes and it's all in Lexi's POV so even as I read, I still had this constant voice in the back of my head questioning the Devils. They explained why they betrayed her, but actions speak louder than words and sometimes old wounds are hard to heal. But can they all move past it and truly let go of the past?

I loved the twists and turns this book took as I read through the pages. I had my suspicions on what was going to happen and was pleasantly surprised. You will have your heartbroken on several occasions, but the ending was wow! I did expect something different but looking back it made total sense, and that's all I'm going to say. There's a cliffhanger and I definitely NEED the next installment! 

Grayson is still my favorite character and there's some things revolving around his character that I squealed about! Loved a lot of the new faces who were introduced in this read and interested to see how they will help or hinder the progression of situations! I also just really want to know if my theories on things are correct!

This is a dark romance series with language, bloodshed, and violence. The MMCs are vampires and we do get the yummy blood drawing/biting. I mean it is an unspoken rule that if you have a love interest who is a vampire there needs to be some biting and blood drinking! Grief is present in this book, feelings of anxiety, and the FMC has to struggle with her emotions at times. Flashbacks are shown throughout the read along with mention of dark pasts. Magic is a major part of the book and there's some details around witchy aspects! 

We get more yummy scenes in this installment! There's no MM action between the guys, MF and MFM action happens along with teasing of MFMM. I really enjoyed how the guys tried to figure out this new dynamic and that Lexi wasn't going to accept anything else. Insecurities popping up here and there along with some jealousy. Lexi is also very possessive of her Devils!

I still absolutely love and want tattoos of the artwork from the chapter headers! The moths are stunning and beautiful! Cici is doing a great job with this series, and she really raised the stakes at the climax of the book! I want more and really want to know how this is all going to end. 

Enjoy the dark read as the Wishmaker continues making their moves and pushing Lexi. What's going to happen when she truly snaps?! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 2

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Book 1

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