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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! Meaning my review will contain spoilers and be confusing if you haven't read the first two installments!






"Mar, I'm not a housewife or a king's trophy." - Ina

Ina can't catch a small break! Before she can truly settle back into her life surrounded by those, she calls friends or a lover she has to journey out again. The South is threatening to rebel and King Rewan doesn't want an all-out war. Ina's not thrilled about going to the South but when an urgent family matter gives her no choice, she becomes an unstoppable hurricane of rage. As she ventures to Castle Thorn Ina finds there's a lot more going on in the South then any of them realized.

It's Mar's turn to chase after Ina! Only the dragon has to do this carefully as there's a lot on the line if they don't handle things accordingly. Court intrigue and politics really stink but Mar knows if he messes up Ina's life and the kingdoms could be endangered. Having to keep an eye on a certain Orc doesn't help things as the two warriors move through the South. Curses on the land, an ancient cult rising up, spies, and so much more!

"I don’t care. You’re not leaving me behind. I’m going with you, or you aren’t going anywhere. I’m your friend, and if you think I will let you jump into that pit of vipers alone, you are sorely mistaken." - Velka

Ina wanted to enjoy being at home for just a little bit, especially when some interesting doors finally opened up for her. But life of a chaos mage isn't meant for domestic and calm. She has to get to the South no matter what especially when a letter arrives for her. Only this time she has to play a part because of eyes watching her every move. Rewan warning her of a spy within the palace walls and the fact that the country cannot handle a war.

I loved how traveling companions changed up in this book immensely! Getting to see more of the dynamic and friendship between Ina and Velka. Velka's tired of being seen as only a "glorified gardener" and is able to catch the whirlwind that is Ina before she leaves the city. Ina doesn't want to take Velka with her or endanger her friend but Velka's not having it! We get to see Velka's strength and growth in this book. Don't underestimate the quiet and seemingly timid flowers!

I still absolutely love Ina! She's one of my top favorite FMCs! Her and I have so much in common and if I was within this world, I would beg to be Ina's apprentice. Even if she throttled me with her magic a couple of times. Ina has no filter and will speak her mind no matter what status the other person is! This installment really solidified things for me with Ina because of some of the situations she had to handle and conclusions she came to. I love how she paves her own way and doesn't bow down to anyone.

Mar and Daro are paired up as well in this book and it's the best! Mar having to be the levelheaded one this time knowing what all's at stake. Of course, he would love nothing more than to unleash his dragon and find Ina immediately. I really enjoyed seeing some original characters brought back and them getting more of the spotlight. Understanding why our two MCs gravitated towards their friends and seeing more of everyone's personalities.

This installment has so much more court intrigue and people working within the shadows. Wondering who can you trust and who can you not. Some twists that happened and conclusions people came to you're hoping are not true! I was able to predict some things and people, but I loved wondering how they fit into things. Everyone wants Ina for various reasons just like with the last installments. Chaos attracts chaos, and our lovely redhead is a very popular woman!

We also get to see more workings of the old gods and goddesses. I really love the Leshy and there are some things involving him that are fantastic! This book had quite a few twists and I am thoroughly enjoying this series! I want to know how all of it will end but will undoubtedly cry when the final installment is here!

This is an epic dark fantasy with heavier themes. We have violence, bloodshed, and death along with language. In this book we are dealing with necromancers and some of the rituals they do. Details of certain things and acts they perform. There's a scene dealing with a very powerful mind mage and mention of past torment some of the characters had to endure. Manipulation is a very clear thing. A character gets injured, and we get some details as to how the wound is progressing. Mention of slavery and prejudices against certain magic users.

We have multiple POVs and several couples within this series. We get MF action and implications of MM action. I really loved this one very intimate scene involving more of two minds coming together than their bodies. Mar has some special abilities that Ina's not mad about in the least. All of the men are very possessive of their mates and friends! But don't let the women fool you either!

The author really spoils us with the synopsis of book one and two at the beginning of the read! To help really jog your memory of what all has been going on and leading up to this moment. We also get a map at the beginning and there is a glossary and list of characters at the end of book. Continuation of the illustrations and we even get one with Daro in it! This read does end with a major cliffhanger and I am already ready for the next book! Thoroughly enjoying the world building of this series as we get to explore new regions of the map.

Enjoy the fantasy with dragon shifters, magic systems, court politics, and so much more. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 1

Amazon.com: Autumn Chaos: Epic Fantasy Romance (Season's War Book 1) eBook : Nikitin, Olena: Kindle Store

Autumn Chaos: Dark Fantasy Romance (Steamy) by Olena Nikitin, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Book 2

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Book 3

Amazon.com: Spring Blight : Epic Fantasy Romance (Season's War Book 3) eBook : Nikitin, Olena: Books

Spring Blight by Olena Nikitin, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

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