Fierce: The Undeniable Book 2 Author Lola Malone

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this series goes in order! Even though the couples in each book end with HEAs there is an overarching plotline happening! 





"F*ck, do I love a good chase, and Charlie Wilkinson has been the one I've wanted. . ." - Samuel

Something always drew Samuel toward Charlie since they were teenagers. The shy, standoffish kid enticed Samuel but then life happened, and they were separated. Samuel hasn't stopped thinking about Charlie and the minute he was reunited with him he became even more obsessed! Only Charlie had to deal with something no one should have he saw his parents get executed. . .

To ensure Charlie will be a good asset for the mafia family, the Business, Charlie has to complete a mission. Samuel greedily accepts the position of personal bodyguard and vows to protect Charlie at all costs! But as the two get closer Samuel can't seem to keep his eyes or hands off of Charlie, he wants him bad. Charlie has mental defenses surrounding him and Samuel wants to tear them all down. When will Charlie understand he isn't alone, and he can allow people in?

"Sometimes, when we're not well, we need to fight our battle alone before we can share it with the world." - Logan

Mia has chosen this life for herself and to be a respectable member of the Business, an inner circle member! Only Charlie wants nothing to do with this line of work. He wishes to remain shielded within his house and tending to his fairytale garden. But Logan's presenting something Charlie cannot refuse. Suffering with guilt, anxiety, and grief from losing his parents, Charlie struggles to live. This is a very dark book dealing with mental health, loss, and a need to drown it all out. Abusing prescription drugs.

My heart broke and went out to Charlie as we get to see things through his POV. Depression is a hard thing to beat and pull yourself out of, especially when you keep everything bottled up. Charlie doesn't want to be a burden to anyone and also doesn't want to relive the traumatic night. But Samuel keeps slowly seeping into every corner of Charlie's existence. And Charlie finds himself enjoying all of it, but he can't let Sam in on that.

Samuel's extremely caring of Charlie even if some things are done in secret. He wants what's best for Charlie and he also wants Charlie. Everyone of course telling him to be patient and take things slow. I really enjoyed that Charlie wasn't a push over and surprised Sam on multiple occasions with his skills. The two both being trained in forms of martial arts. I am loving the banter between the MCs within Lola's books!

Again, this book deals with mental health and trying to move on from a very traumatic event, but also wishing to completely drown it all out. . . We get a first person POV of taking one too many pills and the result of it. We get dual POVs, and it hits hard seeing through Sam's eyes and knowing the feeling of wanting to help someone who's in pain but not fully knowing how. Hurt and being comforted are two of the biggest things in this installment. We do get MM action and it's very spicy but also intimate with a couple of scenes. 

We get more insight into The Lost Brothers and their cult. There's a scene with a public show of "fun", violence, and bloodshed. Language is prominent in the book and there's situations with mafia business and products they handle. This is a dark mafia romance series with dark themes and businesses. Fight scenes that were well written and some intense moments. Loved the twists and turns in this book! 

Do enjoy the dark romance with a healing arc and an HEA for the couple. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 1:

Shameless (The Undeniable Book 1) - Kindle edition by Malone, Lola. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Book 2:

Fierce (The Undeniable Book 2) - Kindle edition by Malone, Lola . Romance Kindle eBooks @

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