Illusion of Loving: A Taboo Billionaire Romance Novel Author S. Perez

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"My life had burned down into nothing." - Taurus

Taurus was about to have it all, everything she had been dreaming about but it all changed when she caught her "loving" fiancé cheating on her with her own mother! Talk about going from zero to a hundred. . . Taurus has been facing difficulties her whole life but that really put the icing on the cake. Things have only gotten worse, and Taurus is about to give it up when an unexpected person steps into her life again.

Taurus has nothing to lose and agrees to take Ru up on his offer to help her. The circumstances surrounding how they originally met is a little awkward and they are years apart in age. But there's something about Ru that draws Taurus in. . . She may need to lean on Ru more than she expects to when her mother and ex-fiancé decide they want to come back into her life. When will she be able to escape this dark cloud over her head and find true happiness?

"Regrets carry weight, so free yourself." - Ru

I was blown away by this read honestly! I really loved the dynamic between Ru and Taurus and Ru has definitely become a new book boyfriend! There is a large age gap between the two main love interests, but they are both adults and everything between them is consensual. Their banter is hilarious, and I loved how they really brought out one another's personalities and helped to open each other up.

Taurus has had to deal with a mother who is a grade A narcissist. . . Her mother wasn't always like that, but her true colors really came out when her mother had to raise Taurus as a single mom. There's some abusive behavior addressed and with this read we do get brief flashbacks. I really loved how the author wrote the flashbacks making sure they were quick and straight to the point.

Taurus is trying to turn her life around after what happened with her ex-fiancé. Getting back on her feet is difficult and men in the fashion industry have crude thoughts on how women should rise in the ranks. I loved Taurus and how she handled a situation with a man being "entitled" toward her! She's definitely a strong woman even if she struggles to see that herself.

"Listen, if someone broke in, I would save you no problem, but if the house is haunted, you're f***ed." - Ru

I absolutely loved Ru! Ru's drawn to Taurus and wants to help her in any way he possibly can, and this man can really help her with anything! He's a billionaire. . . But the issue is that Ru's the father of Taurus' ex-fiancé. Ru struggles with his relationship between his son versus the relationship he wishes to have with Taurus. He cannot seem to keep his distance when it comes to Taurus, nor does he really want to.

The internal battles the two had to face throughout this read was great. I enjoyed watching them trying to get to know one another but keeping a distance as much as they can with a close proximity arrangement. An understanding that you can have similar circumstances and choices that someone else had but they do not define you or how the outcome will be for you. Enjoyed the irony in this book a lot!

This book does touch on past teen pregnancies and having to raise children when the characters were not adults. It was done tastefully and respectfully. I liked getting to see how life can be messy and unplanned but it's how one moves on that defines it all. There's language in the book, asthma and anxiety attacks are present, and brief feelings of grief. Be sure to read the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.

MF action is present in the book, and I enjoyed all the crazy tension being built between the two MCs! We get to have duo POVs to really see what's going on behind their walls and how there's mutual pining. But of course, they shouldn't feel this way because of such and such reasons. The guy does fall first with this read and he's very much "Sir". There's dynamic play, toy play, withholding, and so much more! "Good girl."

Enjoy this fast paced read with a slow burn romance! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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