You: You Book One Author Caroline Kepnes

Audiobook Review!

Narrated by Santino Fontana

5 out of 5 stars!

"If people could handle their self-loathing, customer service would be smoother." - Joe

Joe observes a lot at his job as a bookstore employee, people watching is a hobby of his. Analyzing individuals and getting to the heart of their emotions as they feel guilt for buying certain books. But when a special woman strolls into his store, he's utterly captivated by her. She even listens as he rants about books, authors, and people. She's the one! After seeing Beck's name on the credit card Joe does what any love-struck person would do. He Google searches her name. . .

Joe wants her, needs her, knows Beck was made for him, and he will get her. Though he must abide by the rules and not come on too strong otherwise she will run from him. He slowly begins to seep into Beck's world whether she's aware of it or not, social media is so accessible and easy to navigate. She will become his and he will ensure Beck never lets him go, because he's the only one for her. . .a perfect match!

"Your lips were made for mine, Beck. You are the reason I have a mouth, a heart." - Joe

I read a different book by an author who was inspired by "You" and since I loved the other book, I HAD to check this one out. I decided to go with the audiobook version so I could listen as I worked at my day job. The moment I heard Santino Fontana's voice and how he brought Joe to life I was hooked! The narrator PULLED me in, but the writing style had me completely submerged!

Personally, I love psychological thrillers with a stalker or even dark romances with a stalker. I love the psychology behind it all and how when we are in love, a healthy, non-toxic love, we become obsessed with one another. Wanting to know as much as possible about the other person! Their likes and dislikes, their schedule, where they like to go on off days, etc. There are even things we do in the name of love that third party on lookers would deem as insane or inappropriate. 

Beck has dominated Joe's world and every fiber of his being since the moment he heard her say, "Hello." He cannot get her out of his mind, and he doesn't want to! Joe's extremely intelligent and I was caught up by this fact and how he knew how to approach things properly. He's a master at manipulation and isn't there a fine line between genius and insanity? Yes, Joe was my favorite character. . .and yes, I know I need therapy.

We get to see everything from Joe's POV and maybe that's why I preferred Joe over other characters within the read. Though don't get me wrong, the other cast of the book were excellent for different reasons! Also helping to add more understanding around people are not always what they seem to be. I really loved Joe's inner monologue and correctness as he analyzed others.

The writing had me chuckling out loud multiple times as I listened to the narration of Joe's character and his inner thoughts. In the back of your mind, you know you shouldn't like this man because he's dangerous, has anger issues, and is a stalker crossing so many boundaries. But I was drawn into the intricacy of his character.

"What a shame to be so angered by what you don't have that you treat what you do have like it's nothing."

I loved the twists within this read and how Beck's not the perfectly innocent woman she has everyone believing. We as humans are complex creatures and do and say things because of other factors that help to play a part in the equation for us and how we may act. I was just enthralled with this read and I found it very ironic that Stephen King was referenced within the pages and the author himself loved this book!

This book does contain language, violence, kidnapping, some blood, self-harm, and some other things that may be unsettling to some. Joe has a history and also has to act on some situations for the sake of love. The accessibility surrounding social media and how easy it is for someone to stalk you is rather intimidating but intriguing. With well written psychological books you are left questioning your morals and whose side you should be on. We are left on a cliffhanger because you know there has to be more to this story!

The read does contain some MF action, but no crazy drawn out scenes. There's passion and understandings of what happens or what a character wants to happen. A brief FF action scene that didn't go too far, you will just have to read to find out. Some self-gratification moments and some other little things.

I haven't watched the show yet, I don't know if I want too. Because I really loved the book and the writing and sometimes with shows and movies, they miss the essence that makes up the entirety of a book or series! Personal opinion and again I haven't watched any episodes yet, but I might because I am curious. I definitely want to continue listening to Santino bring Joe to life within the next audiobook installments!

Enjoy the thriller that will have you questioning yourself and don't forget to give the author some stars! You (Audible Audio Edition): Caroline Kepnes, Santino Fontana, Simon & Schuster Audio: Audible Books & Originals

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I wanted to include the below link because it's the author's highlights and notes from the book! Mentioning some personal experiences and giving some insights!

Caroline Kepnes’s Kindle Notes & Highlights for You (You, #1) | Goodreads

Santino Fontana:

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