Flames: The Phoenix Prophecy Book 5 Author Cara Clare

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4.5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These books go in order and leave off on cliffhangers! If you haven't read the first four, then this review will be confusing and contain spoilers! There is one more book after this before the series is complete!









"Want to Johnny these wolves?" - Luther

The Shadow King is coming and wants The Phoenix! With the loss of one of her mates Nova is struggling to remain strong as she tries to prepare for the impending doom. She believes her mate is not lost but how can, she be sure? How can she get him back if he is still alive?

The spotlight is shining brighter on Nova as the clock ticks down. There's a piece about The Phoenix Prophecy that's missing and has yet to be figured out. Will Nova and her remaining mates be able to figure it out? Will they even want to know what the missing puzzle piece? How will this all end?

"A fire witch cannot be burned by a magick flame." - Luther

It has just been one thing after the next since the moment Nova set foot in Phoenix Falls! She hasn't gotten much of a break or time to really process her emotions and work through her grief. New grief has been added on and it's hitting harder than anything, the bond she shares with all her mates is a strong one.

Her powers are growing by the day in preparation for the Shadow King's return. Gearing up for her to defeat the Shadow King but is she powerful enough? How can she defeat this being when her heart is so heavy? I really loved watching her powers grow and this one scene where she completely stunned a certain MMC. The MMC then proceeding to brag about her and how her magick has advanced.

I loved the amount of support within the group dynamic. The understanding the cast had with one another and how they made sure to let Nova know she wasn't dealing with things on her own. That she had people who loved her and wished to be with her no matter what. Hard decisions being made, trust in each other being tested, and so much more. Nova isn't the only one battling her emotions and feelings of loss.

I loved getting to see more of Tanner and his personality. I also really liked how he was forming a bond with someone, and everyone could tell he was. Got to see more of his abilities and what he could accomplish. Luther's arc has been one of the most interesting ones for me. How far he has come since book one! Mack will always have a spot in my heart and Snow. . .I want to cuddle that big polar bear! 

Kole and his brooding personality along with his want to drink from Nova. I admired and understood why he did what he had to, keeping to rules and codes of conduct. I enjoyed watching the struggle and drama surrounding his character. I still love Kole and wish I could get a tattoo from him! Just I love the individuality of the guys and what they bring to the table.

The cliffhanger from the last book was intense but this one. . . It will break your heart and the author even wrote in the acknowledgements an apology! I love cliffhangers, especially well written ones that have you begging for the next read! I thought it was well done and I loved how it all played out. We have one more book and I am very interested to see how this will all end. I'm hoping we will get somewhat of a HEA!

This book does contain language, violence, blood, and some gore. Eve's a bit insane and I'm pretty sure her unique drug addiction hasn't helped anything. Blood magick is used and some of the things surrounding Eve's character may be disturbing to some. Past traumas and history with physical abuse is brought up in this read, there's a brief scene with a seizure episode.

We are still getting spoiled with little recaps about the previous reads. I love that the author's sticking to multiple POVs within the books, so we get to understand and feel what the individual characters are going through. The spice in this book did not disappoint! We are still getting all the different variations of actions, no FF action in this series. I love that there's some bi representation within the group dynamic, Nova fully approving!

Just I am ready for the next and final installment in this series! I love the book cover art for this series and just all of the characters within the pages. Including the villains and how they're written! Ugh one more book and then I will have to say goodbye to the cast until I reread the series.

Enjoy the dark why choose romance as The Phoenix Prophecy unfolds! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

 The Phoenix Prophecy: Flames - Kindle edition by Clare, Cara. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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The Phoenix Prophecy: Nova - Kindle edition by Clare, Cara. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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The Phoenix Prophecy: Ashes - Kindle edition by Clare, Cara. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Embers: The Phoenix Prophecy Book 4:

Amazon.com: The Phoenix Prophecy: Embers eBook : Clare, Cara: Books

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