Tower of God Vol. One Author and Illustrator S.I.U.

Webtoon Comic Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I'm sick of living in this dark world." - Rachel

Bam's best friend and mentor has vanished into the mysterious Tower. Rachel told Bam to forget about her, but he refuses! He finds himself within the Tower at the first floor not remembering how he got inside. He's instantly seen as an Irregular and Bam soon finds out why the Tower's so difficult and why Rachel warned him not to follow.

But will the threat of his own death stop him from finding Rachel? To climb the Tower and get his answers he must climb the Tower. The different floors have different administrators who require the participants to pass each of their tests or be eliminated from climbing. Will Bam be able to live to see the top floor of the Tower? Will he really find Rachel? And what's this Shinsu everyone is talking about?

"Irregulars have always brought chaos to the Tower." - Lady Yuri

So, I was a big fan of the anime series when it came out and the music that accompanied the series! I still need to complete season one of the series when I can. I was very excited when I found this book through NetGalley and that the webtoon's being printed! The artwork in the anime is just incredible and I loved the storyline and twists! The webtoon did not disappoint!

Bam just lost his entire world when Rachel decided she was leaving him behind. I have mixed feelings about Rachel, but I feel like there's going to be a big twist with her character and the reasons behind her actions. Bam will not just let Rachel slip out of his life and pretend everything is fine. But I don't think he fully understood what he was getting himself into when he followed.

The tests on each level are to help determine different aspects of the individuals participating in climbing the Tower. The answers are not always so obvious and what works for one may not work for another. I enjoyed the underlining aspects of Bam's first test. Bam has mysteriously entered the Tower and he doesn't understand the inner workings of the structure. Playing catchup while also trying to make it to the next floor.

"I will not be ruled. . .I make my own rules." - Khun

My favorite character in this webtoon would have to be Khun! Mischievous, mysteries, and highly intelligent. You can tell somethings up with him and he draws you in. I loved when Khun and Bam met up and had to face Rak. The trio is my favorite group and the dynamics between them are just comical.

"This place. . .belongs to hunters." - Rak

This webtoon has some darker elements the more you get into it and individuals backstories. There's no language in the book other than "dangit" or "darn". There's no fanservice so far with the webtoon but there is some violence and blood. Nothing is gory or really detailed out, but this has "Hunger Games" vibes and not everyone will make it to the top. Bam and majority of the characters seem like they're teenagers with some older cast sprinkled in. 

I love the plotline so far and the mystery of it all. One of my favorite scenes was pictured in this volume! The scene featuring Lero Ro's pretest. . . Had me grinning and stating this will be a very interesting read! If you have watched the anime series this volume goes until the end of the pretest, ending on a cliffhanger. This is going to be a coming-of-age story with multiple tests for characters and their relationships.

I am excited to read more of the webtoon and see how the illustrations get better with each new volume. I love being able to see a start reference and an end one with how much the artist has improved. I still loved the art and the visuals of everything! Cannot wait for more!

Join Bam as he climbs the Tower with his determination set in stone. Don't forget to give the author some stars! Tower of God Volume One: 9781990259760: S.I.U.: Books

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