Reflection : Realm of the Soulwell Book 1 Author M. E. Wyatt

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Because cruelty exists in this beautiful world, my light."

Vi'eri has been carrying around a burden for a long time now, a story waiting to be told. With reluctance she finally decides to allow others to see into her past. Telling the tales of how she came to be and how the current state of the realm was started. Maybe just maybe people will see her a little differently.

"You're strong, Vi'eri. Let nobody make you believe otherwise." - Crux

Living in a realm were humans are at the bottom of the hierarchy. Bowing down to a race that has no problem showing their disdain for the weaker species. Vi'eri and her mother are even lower, being the outcasts of a village. But with an eventful day and night, Vi'eri's life is changed permanently. Can Vi'eri survive in the realm with just herself and her young, naïve wits? Will she need some help? Who can she trust? And did anyone see what's under her gloves and long sleeved dress?

This book had me captivated until the very end! I enjoy books that are stories within stories. Vi'eri, Eri, is very hesitant in telling her story out loud or getting close to anyone. For very good reasons but she's also looked up to and admired heavily. So with the gentle nudges of certain people around her, she unfolds her tale.

I loved all the characters within this book. Eri's very strong and watching her grow and understand things is amazing. She also has to overcome so much for being so young. This book contains so many twists and heartbreaks. There are of course exciting moments and happy ones but this fantasy adventure is a little darker.

There's use of magic and I really loved how the casters are not all powerful. Having times were they use too much of their magic and it taxes their bodies. I enjoy watching the growth and having to push past limits but train to do so. There's some darker magic and elements within the book.

"The toads provide better songs for my ears than you lot." - Pipar

Crux and Pipar were two of my favorite characters. I enjoyed reading about Pipar and this particular scene in the woods with Crux and Eri involved was beautiful. I don't want to give anything away but it was an epic scene as well as one that will stomp on your heart. There was an understanding as well that I truly admired. Crux's an excellent character and his loyalty is fierce. I hope to see more of him in the next book, yes there's a cliffhanger!

There's language in the book along with violence and gore. Vi'eri warns her audience that her tale is not a kind one or one of joy. It truly is a grim tale even with happy moments. There's also grief and losing ones close to you. There's a couple of scenes with flirting of the FF theme. There's nothing more than kissing for reasons that would be spoilers. I liked it and how it just flowed, I hope it isn't a spoiler for anyone.

I have some theories with the ending and what might come in book two. I am excited to read more of Eri's story and am glad I found the author and received an advance copy! This fantasy adventure just pulled me right in and I am ready for book two. This book had all the plot twists I love and I am excited for more within the next read.

Enjoy this read with magic, secrets, mercenaries, magical beings, and so much more. Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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