Merciless Heir (Kozlov Empire Book 1) Author Monica Kayne

Book Review

4.8 out of 5 stars!

"The lies, betrayal, double-crossing. This is mafia life."

Yeah, Georgia wanted no part of this life! But she had to step in and prevent something from ending worse than it already was. Only when she tries to escape it is on the same day as a certain someone's hunt for blood. . . Georgia has traded one poison in for another, only this new one is deadlier.

Wanting her freedom she will stop at nothing to get it back, but at what cost? Andrei has presented a proposal of sorts, will she take it? Or does she even have a choice? And why is there this pull to the man who she should be running away from in fear?

"I almost applaud her spirit, standing up to the big bad mobster." - Andrei

Georgia's not timid by any means and her mouth may just get her into trouble! She speaks her mind and doesn't hide her emotions. I loved the chaotic banter between her and Andrei so much! Andrei has no idea what he's getting himself into with her.

"Are you always so bossy?" - Georgia

"Are you always such a brat?" - Andrei

I loved watching Georgia grow and find out who she really was. It even shocked her what all she could do. The cast was amazing and just the witty banter is something I live for in books! I cannot wait to read more books featuring different cast members. I am really looking forward to Leonid's, Leo, story!

"I'm Russian. They practically put vodka in our baby bottles." - Leo

I could see the individual personalities of all the characters. And just how they interacted with each other and the closeness. Really loved the plot of the story and all the little twists! I enjoyed seeing different POVs and seeing both sides even during the spicy scenes. I loved the enemies to lovers trope and just the battle in the characters' heads. So yup, there's buildup and tension.

This is a Dark Mafia Romance so there's some darker elements within the book. One of the characters thinks of women as playthings and harasses a character. There's no forced SA, just words and a rough grab of the arm. Since it's Mafia we have violence and some gore. There are some primal, degradation, and domination kinks. Language is also very present in the book.

The story keeps you hooked until the very end! There's a HAE ending and the next book will be centered on a new couple. I don't imagine these books can be read as standalones since there may be little snippets of continuation for prior couples. I am very excited for the next book and cannot wait! I loved how this was a Dark Mafia Romance without just being over the top dark. Also really loved Georgia's arc, especially toward the end!

Enjoy the dark romance with enemies to lovers and close proximity! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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