Diary of Darkness (Dark Diaries Duet Book 1) Author Arabella Holmes

Book Review

4.8 out of 5 stars!

"Of course, I always knew I was ugly." - First line of the book!

Alex has known ever since he was born that he had a deformed face. One that would cause many to steer clear of him or make rude comments about. His home soon became a prison he couldn't venture out of, not that he wanted to. Lacking any human touch of any kind Alex grew darker.

Until Jessica brought some hope into his life. Only his face is stopping her from getting near him. He knows she's repulsed and she is far out of his league. But could she look past his face? He knows that she would appreciate everything he could do for her. Or will he be cursed to remain alone and untouched until the day he dies? And why is the mansion so empty of people?

"Stop the world I want to get off." - Jessica

I can completely relate to this line! Jessica was a great FMC and I enjoyed reading about her. Her journey throughout the book was interesting and I am very much ready for the next part. Having a rough past and a taxing home life weighs on her. Jess has had to make some life changes to accommodate things.

Sometimes we make decisions based on our surroundings and circumstances that might not be the best. Even with good intentions. Jess has had to make some hard calls and it will break your heart in some areas. Not to mention having had to come to terms with things never happening for her.

Alex, I really loved his character. Just the sheer psychological aspects and how things defined who he became were insane. If you really get into the mental state of things you can fully grasp and understand where he is coming from. Some things may seem over the top and weird, but his need for filling voids is very clear. His character will speak to your heart and break it.

There was also a scene where Alex gifts another character something and I absolutely loved it! Not to mention this scene that will make your toes curl. . . Honestly, can't stop thinking about it and how well written it was!

So. . .this book. . .is a very dark read. I had the vibe of a Psychological Thriller all throughout the book! The cliffhanger cut off perfectly! I want the next part to this book because I have to know how this all ends. This book had some Lovecraftian, Horror, Paranormal aspects and Dark Romance. There's stalking and obsession in this book along with some violence and gore.

Please, read the trigger warnings because within the first chapter many of the triggers are brought forth.

There is a scene with an attempt of SA, but it is stopped. Sorry if this is a spoiler, but the ending to the scene was epic and had my dark side cheering. Let's just say the ones who tried got instant karma. . . Bullying is another thing that appears in this book along with language. Again, this is a dark read.

I just loved this story so much! I will say, at the beginning I felt like there was some flashbacks that could have been spaced out more with the second main lead who was introduced. Some of the paragraphs are a little lengthy but once I got past the flashbacks and into the meat of the plot I was hooked! I will be getting this book's physical form whenever I can!

I got vibes of "Rigoletto" and "Beauty and the Beast" throughout the entire book. This book had so many great things tied into it and the story isn't over! The drama, romance, tension, and just so much more! I feel like this is a book I could gush about for hours!

Do enjoy this read with so many good aspects and twists! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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