Suspicious Love - Can I trust you? Author Hope Cavendish

ARC Review

4 out of 5 stars!

"You don't always have to resent men when they flirt with you. After all, you can look quite cute in the appropriate lighting as well." - Danny O'Hara

Amber Deering has been through enough with so called "men". She's more than content being a "nun" for the rest of her life and avoiding advances of the opposite sex. But while managing a new gig for her best friend and client musician, Danny O'Hara. She is brought face to face with a man she should run the other way from.

Cue Caden Lockwood. He's a rich, play-boy who doesn't mind helping women to "have a great time". Amber's not his type in the least, yet something about this petite, fiery woman is drawing him in. But can he take the leap after what he has been through as well? Neither one wishes to cross the line and yet their paths keep crossing. Regardless of the close proximity because of business.

A story of angsty, slow burn love! So much miscommunication in this story! There were so many scenes I was like, "Oh no, I know what's about to happen." or "This character's going to walk in. . .yup." Frustrating read because you can see the tension and everything. But the two main characters keep missing things or not communicating!

Danny was one of my favorite characters. "Golden Retriever Boy/ Cinnamon Roll!" Written in my notes of the book. I loved him and his friendship and loyalty for Amber. Would love to listen to his music that he has actually written and so you know it's from the heart.

"If one day he were to become so hard-boiled as not to feel any excitement before a performance, he would certainly start to get worse, he once had told Amber."

He still gets stage fright even though he's been a musician for a while. Again, Big Cinnamon Roll that you just want to hug!

I enjoyed the cast a lot. Jasper was another one I really loved and would enjoy reading a story staring him! The main love interests you just wanted to shake, but it made for a fun read. This book does contain MF action along with language. There are some mentions of traumatic pasts and insights of children who come from broken homes.

This book has a happy ending for multiple characters! I still want to see Jasper again in another book. Hope mentions this is the first book of hers' that has been translated into English! They did a great job with translating it and made it very easy to read.

Enjoy the angsty, slow burn romance and give the author some stars!


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