Mother of Pearl (Precious Stones Book 1) Author Blanka H. Madow

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I believe we are capable of living full lives with only one half of a soul. The whole soul might be too much and suffocate us with love." - Val

Growing up as practically orphans, Valeri (Val) has sworn to protect her sister. Being the one to go to sea to fish, Val tries ignoring the singing in her head. Something has always been there singing a song, calling to her. But she needs to ignore it! Until one eventful day out at sea she cannot. Diving into the ocean after the thing luring her in.

Val soon finds herself on foreign shores! Not having a way back home causes her to comply to remaining at her new "home". Now surrounded by unfamiliar faces and a new world, Val has to navigate through to hopefully return to her sister. Everyone keeps mentioning that Val is something more than just a human. Something in her bloodline is awakening. Can Val fully awaken it and control it? Is there really something in her bloodline? And why does everyone's eyes seem to shimmer?

I loved Val from page one! Can completely relate to her on so many levels including the one of not wanting to wear dresses. Feeling more comfortable in men's attire. Val has had to be very independent from the day her and her sister turned into orphans. Protecting her sister and being the "strong" one. But when that's all ripped from her and she has no way of returning. . . Val will stop at nothing to go back.

The author did a fantastic job coming up with all the unique characters. Not being able to fully see the twists until you are reading the scene happening! I enjoy books with two sides and being able to see both sides of things. Not knowing which side is the right one or the wrong one. This book had all the good stuff in it! Drama, angst, sweet moments, romance, heartbreak, betrayal, and so much more!

I couldn't stop reading the story and the world Blanka came up with. I was submerged and the ending! The ending is amazing and I will definitely be snatching up book number two! The last few sentences of the end of the book had me grinning. I am ready to see the twists coming in the next book.

The book contains a wonderful map at the beginning so you get the layout of things. There's language in the book along with some violence. Some of the challenges the main character goes through may be a little intense. There's also a cast member who goes through a panic attack on the page. Can relate to the attack because I feel that way when some of mine take hold. There's also MF action blossoming from a slow burn.

Enjoy the read with magic, crystals, and shells. Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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