The Celestial Assassins (The Celestial Assassins Series Book #1) Author Scarlette Ash


4.5 out of 5 stars!

"To the chasers of dreams. . ." - Author's dedication

Sayler's pursing the man responsible for her father's murder. Tracking the Hooded Nightmare down within the city of Seattle is no easy task. Sayler will stop at nothing to get her revenge. Only when she's cornered by the ruthless assassin he simply gives her a time to meet. What she finds out within the meeting will change her world along with her viewpoint of the current city.

Not everyone is as they seem and the want for vengeance seems utterly silly once Sayler's thrown into the middle of things. Along with a "cruel, legendary" assassin and an inventor who wishes to travel worlds. But how does one get to other worlds? Do they exist? Or has this man simply had one to many inventions backfire on him? And why does the more the famed Hooded Nightmare talk the more it seems to contradict things?

I enjoyed this read and the wild adventure Sayler went on. The author did a great job bringing to life the characters and the cool twists within. All the traveling within the book was magical and I really wanted to join them. The author had such a great imagination and well thought out plans for things.

Some of the ending plot twists I was saying oh no! Or seeing where things were going and wondering how it was going to end. Which there are questions needing to be answered and a couple of bombs dropped on you. So yup, you guessed it. Cliffhanger. This story is supposed to be a series so I would be a little disappointed if everything had been tied up in book one.

I loved McCoy! His personality and the banter he brought to the table. I liked watching him with the characters around him. I loved how he also just went with things and really enjoyed living. Wanting more for his life and stashing money aside to do so! Putting up with the antics of a particular character and his wiles.

"I'm so glad your plans are always so well thought out," McCoy answered, rolling his eyes.

Sayler was a great, strong female lead who knew what she wanted. Maybe getting to her end goal took some patience or planning but she would get there. She also didn't let her current circumstances define who she was or what she wanted in life. Her story was interesting though there was a scene I didn't side with her on, but she pulled through and explained her reasoning later. Morally gray character in me I guess.

I loved the other characters and hope to see more of them. There were several great female leads along with male ones that really stood out to me.  A couple I would like to see a deeper side of and what happens in the next books with their characters! Progressing character arcs or new adventures/lives for some.

The romance was great and I really liked how it wasn't the typical girl meets guy and that's it. There's some moments of passion but overall very clean. Language is extremely mild, I think I only noted a couple of words. But none of the major curse words. There's violence within this story and hints toward things, but nothing is written in explicit detail.

I just really loved the twists and how my notes on them or how characters presented the twists all ended with exclamation marks. I didn't see some coming until the moment of. Was just in awe a couple of times. I very much enjoyed the great banter between characters! And just McCoy. He was a great balance for the cast, hopefully the author isn't too mean to him in the books to come.

Enjoy the read and give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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