Murder by Numbers (The Lemon Tree Bay Mysteries Book 1) Author Megan Mayfair


4 out of 5 stars!

"A small town. A little love. A lot of mystery."

Clara Mitchell has returned home after having a rough business endeavor turn sour on her. Leaving her with a mountain of debt that forced her to move back in with her mum. Returning to the small town of Lemon Tree Bay is helping to get Clara back on her feet.

When a newcomer sweeps through her doors, Clara decides that maybe being in this town isn't so bad. Until a murder is found and the quiet town gets turned on its head! Needing to prove a man's innocence Clara puts on her Mrs. Marple hat and begins amateur sleuthing.  Though her ex may be a problem as she tries to solve this case. He has just returned to the small-town wearing a detective's badge. . .

This is a very cozy, relaxed reading. There's mystery and suspense as well as being unsure as to who did it. I personally couldn't figure out who it was until close to the end, along with Clara. I didn't like Adam and how he was being so hard on Clara. But being close to your ex makes things a little difficult and you could tell they needed some closure to their past.

The book was a wonderful read and I very much want to continue the series! The small-town aesthetic made me homesick for my small town. How everyone knows every person within the town as well as your family. Along with quirky little things smaller towns do. Clara was an amazing main lead and I loved how there was a Mrs. Marple reference in the book!

This is a murder mystery so there was some violence in the book. The author did NOT go into descriptive detail with any of the violence or imagery. Just enough so you knew what happened or what was felt. There is some romance and a little bit of passion. It was a very clean MF action. No details were written out, but you know what's about to happen. Ultimately it was a fade to black. No real language at all, there may have been some cuss words, but nothing really stands out.

I loved this read and I cannot wait to read the next book (The Spaniel's Secret) to see Clara and everyone from the town again. Do enjoy this relaxing read and give the author some stars!


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