Kindred Straits : Daughters of the Storm Book 1 Author Benjamin Schwarting

ARC Review

4 out of 5 stars!

Olenka's running away from her old life! A place that is rather strict, confining her to a gilded cage, and expecting her to be "happy". Only she thinks otherwise and makes her escape though almost completely giving up. But the want of something more, something better, an actual life helps to stir the fire in her belly to move forward.

Tumbling into the lives of Captain Daisay and her crew of Sirena, Olenka is about to get a taste of the real world. Being free comes at a price and you have to learn quickly or else you may just drown. With the help of Mari, Marikit, Olenka may just be able to navigate through the streets.

Daisay and her crew of Sirena are on a mission and the unexpected entrance of Olenka throws one members of the crew off. Diwala gets caught up with the "city fish" because something pulls her to Olenka. Daisay and the twin Sirena focusing on the larger problem at hand.

This is a story about a young girl trying to find a new life, but at a cost. Never being out in the world before Olenka will have to learn on the fly. Pirates, ships, friends, and trails await our young Katow as she navigates through. There are multiple POV's with two stories being seen coincide each other. I loved the Asian elements within the book and even had to look up some of the words. Not realizing there was a glossary in the back of the book. . .

The races are within the merfolk range, but not your typical mermaid with the flowing hair and beautiful tail. These different ranking merfolk look different and have scales all the time! They also walk on two feet and some don't even have tails when they are within the water. The merfolk coming from rivers, lakes, and areas not just excluded to the ocean. Which I found rather interesting.

I felt like Olenka with the dialect and again, I found the glossary at the end of the book after I had finished it. But the context surrounding the words helped and I was able to figure out a lot of them. The book does end with a great ending but then it places a new arc in your lap! So cliffhanger along with openings and loose ends to be tied up in the next books to come.

This book is dealing with Kiazo, pirates, so there's some grittiness to the book. Violence and cuss words but the words are special to the dialect in the book. There are some sexual themes, but nothing happens! Again this is a gritty adventure and I loved all of it!

I enjoyed the story telling and all the characters. VERY strong female cast and the banter between Daisay and the twins. . ! I found it hilarious and just loved them even more.

"Daisay - "Heaven help me. . .I don't know why I put up with ya pair of uzai eels. . ."

"Because we're cute," Kei said.

"And we're good in a brawl." Jun added."

Daisay definitely has her hands full with the twins! This story had great elements and I cannot wait to see the journey continue.

Enjoy the adventure and give the author some stars!


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