The Dare Author Natasha Preston

Audiobook Review

Narrator: Phoebe Strole

4 out of 5 stars!

"What's the worst that can happen?" - Marley

Senior year of high school and the classic senior pranks are a go! Only in this small town there's a certain family who has control over everything. . . A family that has their final son graduating this year and no one refuses a senior dare from a Wilder! If you do, then be prepared to go down and possibly never get into college!

Marley and her friends get caught in multiple dares one changing everything for the group! Soon Marley is questioning her future, and the fate of her friendships are being tested. Tensions are high and the truth of their actions is threatening to come to light. She should have just refused that dare!

"We'll forever be those people we morphed into. There's no going back."

I love listening to audiobooks as I do things around the house. I specifically love mystery, thrillers, suspense, etc. I enjoyed the narration of this book and the suspense that was given. Natasha's books have so many twists and the endings. . . As another reviewer stated, "iconic"! You think you have it all figured out until the final few paragraphs flip the script!

Coming from a small town I completely related to Marley! Especially the influential family that could do no wrong. We had a couple in my hometown. . . They could break dress code rules and not get sent home amongst other things. The Wilders are similar only they're getting side eyes from the law, but instead of further discipline it's little slaps on the wrist. Power and money backing up the family name.

Marley's just ready to walk the stage and move onto the next part of her life! But her and her friends need to pass one final hurtle or hurtles. Rhett Wilder is about to graduate and he's not slacking on the tradition of senior pranks turned dares. 

I love how with Natasha's books we get to see how traumatic experiences and secrets can either make or break a group. Whether the group is comprised of strangers or longtime friends. The psychology behind all of it is fascinating and watching how the characters progress through the story. I so loved how one character thought they had another all figured out. Sometimes knowing everything about another can be your downfall. . .

This is a YA genre thriller. There's some language and gore, but not over the top. Scary moments, heart pounding scenes, and understanding the anxiety of the FMC. We only have Marley's POV which was interesting and enjoyable. We get to feel her emotions and how the course of events is affecting her mentally and emotionally. Violence, gaslighting, manipulation, and deaths. There are couples within the book, but the PDA scenes stay within the YA genre.

I love Natasha's works and I have to say "The Island" is my favorite! I will continue to be a fan of her books and the endings that can leave your mind blank and you utterly speechless! The ending to this book had me laughing and stating "wow". 

Enjoy the senior prank gone wrong and don't forget to give the author some stars! The Dare eBook : Preston, Natasha, Green, Natasha: Kindle Store

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