Demon Hunter Academy (The Infernal Rending Universe) Author Traci Lovelot

ARC Review

Set to Release Tomorrow! (July 21, 2022)

5 out of 5 stars!

"Yes, the newest doorway to hell opened onto a golf course. No one was really surprised." - Nimue

Nimue Flidais, Nim, is determined to join her birth-coven no matter what! Forget about graduating in a couple of months, it cannot come fast enough and she's ready to fight. Keeping the normal, humans safe from the demons who try and cross over from the Infernal Realm. Only her eagerness and wanting to help backfires in a very tragic turn of events!

Losing her arm was the least of her problems after the horrible battle she witnessed. Only with the loss of her arm came the loss of her ability to use magic. . . But Nim made a vow to avenge her coven and will stop at nothing to do so. Even if that means turning down her grief and a chance at a future coven. She needs revenge rather than emotions and feelings. They get in the way and can get people killed.

Nim has a very heavy traumatic situation happen to her from the earliest part of the book. Be sure to read the trigger warnings. It helps to set the stage for the entire book and building of her character. It still doesn't make things any less intense. This is an emotional roller coaster from the get go.

I got Hogwarts, Dragon Age, and Solo Leveling vibes from this book. Only set in America and with demons! I really loved the school aspect and the focus on demons. Along with a little witchy background. Portals and rifts opening up and needing Demon Hunters to take care of things. This book is a standalone and there's a happy ending. The author mentioned that this is the prequel to Mel's Vampire Coven, which I hope to read about Mel in the future!

I enjoyed all of the characters and the story building. The pacing of this book was fantastic. It felt like I blinked and was already halfway through the book! You get a taste of several tropes within the book which I enjoyed. Some relationships being instant attraction while others had to build a little bit, slow burn if you will. Though trust me! You will not be disappointed in the least.

Nimue was a great female lead! She was extremely feisty, confident, and didn't allow her situation to get her down. She was able to pick herself back up and pursue the life she wanted. Even if her focus was a little askew. I loved the family dynamics and how covens worked within this world. Also the lead up to tie into the series Traci will have out about Mel!

Nim doesn't hold back or watch her mouth. Why should she? There's language in the book as well as MF action, MM action, and MFMM action. We have all the actions in this book! Polyamory themes but everyone is devoted to one another, especially to Nim. Violence is a prominent thing since the main characters are becoming Demon Hunters to fight Demons.

I loved this book and cannot wait to see Nim in Mel's world! Which is set decades after this book. Enjoy the read and give the author some stars!


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