Paine for the Holidays: Monsters of The Divide Book 1 Author T.B. Wiese

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

This series are standalone novellas with HEAs for main couples! However, there are little easter eggs and previous characters popping up. You can read out of order, but it may be more enjoyable to read in order. I read them out of order so when I read this installment, I giggled a little when I found the easter egg!




"Here’s to a big wingspan." - Book dedication

Monsters are real and their only intentions with humans are food or playthings. Not in a good way. . . The Divide allows monsters to come to the human realm for six hours every night and if you're caught outside when the monsters come. Well, you better have written up a will!

Mira knows all the rules, the warning sirens, and to be inside at night. But she had to get a stupid glass unicorn and now she's going to pay more than money for it! How could she have been so foolish?! She should have held off buying the gift until the next day, in DAYLIGHT! A monster has targeted her as his and she's praying to every god and goddess out there that she will make it home or it will be quick! Only something transpires between the two that neither were ready for. . . Dun dun duuun!

"It’s rude to play with your food. Just kill me, or eat me, or whatever it is you’re going to do.”- Mira

So, I'm glad I went back and read the first book, I mean it's a novella and sometimes you need short little reads! I also really like Wiese's writing style and I love monster romances! I love how each book is centered around a holiday or holidays in the case of this book. This installment is fun because we go from dinner-to cautious friends-to lovers!

Paine decides tonight he's going to go into the human realm and finds his prey pretty quickly. Only when he catches her and tastes her blood everything changes in the manner of one gulp! Our monster who is feared by other monsters turns into a big, protective, puppy dog as he tries to sort out his feelings. Realizing Mira may be more than just a quick bite to eat. . . 

"A knocking. It’s past curfew, so the only ones out right now are … monsters. But monsters don’t knock." - Mira

If you liked "Beauty and the Beast" then you will love this novella! We get that vibe as the two slowly start trying to understand one another. There's a level of intimacy I really admired as I read through the book. Both having issues focusing on anything but each other. I love the comedy the author installs with the whole "he's a monster I should fear him and hate him, but he's HOT. . .". Mira repeating to herself constantly that she was this beast's dinner, yet something shifted.

So, with this installment you will be groaning in frustration and screaming no! Author knowing exactly what she was doing with the sexual tension and the teasing. You will feel like you're being withheld from the big O. Both MCs feeling it as well! We do get MF action in this book but the buildup until then is ugh! Paine has some fun features that Mira doesn't miss out on. (Forked tongue, horns, and some tail play!) I loved the romance that was forming between the two and how they went about getting to understand one another.

With this read there's language, violence, and gore. The fear of being outside when monsters are out, the anxiety and desperation. I liked that Mira didn't instantly fall into Paine's arms and he realized he would have to be patient with things and not rush. Dual POVs help to showcase just how much the two have to work through and how they affect one another. There's no pregnancy trope and I love how Paine's anatomy works in that regard. Blood drinking and biting.

The author gives a recap about The Divide and what you need to do to protect yourself. We also get fun descriptions of the different types of monsters. I really admired how Wiese broke down the descriptions in ways that were very easy to understand. Paine being a combination of a vampire and gargoyle with just a bit more! Liked the diversity of the monsters and how not all are just programmed to follow their base, primal instincts.

The main couple get a very good HEA! I cannot wait for more of this series and to see which monster is up next and what will happen! I wonder how Halloween will go for whichever characters are up when that holiday comes. Halloween being my favorite holiday!

Enjoy the novella under two hundred pages with a monster x human romance! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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