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4 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This book can be read as a standalone, but I think it's better to read in order. Sara still being a very beloved character for me! So, for a better reading experience, go in order but if you want to skip to the vampire romance you do you and have fun!




"I loved my brother, but sometimes love isn't enough to save a lost soul." - Nina

Family is a very challenging thing. Whether you remain in touch with said family or you find your own people to call family. No matter which direction you go there are times and moments when you just want to end them! Nina feels she made the wrong choice when she turned her brother away. Especially when he seems to have just vanished into thin air, his friends brutally killed, and a man with intense mind control abilities showing up.

To place that beautiful cherry on top the one person who could possibly find her brother and help her is an ex. Adam's a cocky, arrogant, sarcastic vampire who Nina would sooner get in a verbal fight with then ask for help! She can't stomach the idea of what his reaction would be to her request. But things are closing in on her and her brother has a very limited amount of time left. Can she face Adam, and will he actually help her?

"That was my Nina, the woman who pushed her fingers into my mouth to examine my fangs." - Adam

As I was reading through this book, I kept getting Unascended Astarion vibes from Baulder's Gate 3. Adam having the snark, sarcasm, sass, and cocky attitude that made me think about Astarion and some of his lines. Adam and Nina have been keeping a very firm distance from one another. Nina giving Adam the cold shoulder and our vamp being unsure as to what went wrong two years ago. Trying to give Nina space but wanting to be closer.

I love Nina as a character and how she doesn't back down to the verbal jousting Adam dishes out. She's strong and a very competent nurse whilst in the midst of chaos. But sometimes when that chaos is your personal life it can get difficult and draining. Nina is battling with past ghosts and PTSD from a mentally abusive past relationship. Things between Nina and her brother have been rocky at best, but it reached an all-time low when Pawel's newest escapade is proving fatal.

We get sibling drama in this read as well as trying to have second chances. Adam believing that they need to play by his rules this time and Nina knowing exactly where he can shove said rules. Something that draws me to Olena's books is just the way they write their MCs. FMCs being very strong, independent, wild women who don't back down when confronting the handsome, alpha like, possessive MMCs. The men loving every minute of it and not trying to control or "tame" these FMCs. I feel a real balance between the two genders, and I like that the MCs are older.  

"With a woman like this, I would never be bored." - Adam

Having read the series in order I caught the similarities with some of the characters and can definitely see why these individuals are friends! I laughed so many times and had dejavu moments! I also really loved the complexity of Nina's character. When you're in a toxic relationship and you get out it's hard to focus on the now. Especially when patterns pop up that you wish you'd seen before, even if current events are nothing like the past. And you're with someone who is healthy and makes you happy. Ah, trauma.

This read does contain language, blood, and gore. Our FMC is a nurse so there's some medical talk and explanation of things. Pasts are gone into depth, and you get to understand why these characters are the way they are. Some of these pasts may be triggering for some, especially the one with a mentally abusive ex. A vampire attack and usage of manipulating powers. Slavic mythology, think The Witcher vibes! Dual POVs, ride or die friendships, and so much more! Author spoils us with footnotes and character art within the book!

The buildup between Nina and Adam is great, very heated but not yet moments. I think this book has more spicy scenes then previous works from this author. I also really loved and respected the moments of vulnerability and being emotionally raw with someone. Adam not pushing for more. But the times we do get consent from both sides. . .amazing MF action scenes. Just be cautious of Lorelai, you'll have to read the book to understand! I was laughing a lot around things that involved Lorelai! HEA for main couple with a twist I really admired!

Enjoy the urban, fantasy, forced proximity romance between a human and a vampire! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 2:

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