The Prince's Dearest Guards: Book #1 Author Beau Van Dalen

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

“I just want a boyfriend, Siegfried. Or, at least, a lover…” - Prince Hal

Prince Hal suffers from social anxiety and isn't winning at life when it comes to romance. He's just trying his best, but things just aren't working. While everyone focuses on ensuring he will be ready to take on the throne and the kingdom Hal's mind has been elsewhere. Why not make a wish? A birthday wish in hopes romance will find him!

Little does our Prince know that the universe actually heard him and has a plan. Hal's wish may be coming true in more ways than one. . .

"My soul will not survive this trip." - Prince Hal

This novella was so good! Hal just wants to be seen and truly accepted by someone. Someone who doesn't care about his title or what he may or may not have in his trousers. On the night of his birthday celebration, he makes a wish and the next day he thinks maybe someone heard him! Because our prince nearly trips over his own jaw when he catches sight of his new guards!

Hal has to embark on a trip that's a coming-of-age tradition in his family. One involving bonding time with his new personal guards and potentially slaying a mythical beast. Though never mind the creature Hal has to try and keep his cool around his two new HOT guards! And the inns they're staying in only has one bed. . .

I honestly didn't expect to cry with this read! I loved the wholesomeness and romance of this book along with the spice. Hal knew from a young age that he wasn't a princess but a prince. Unfortunately, he has to prove that he's worthy of his father's title and isn't just going through a "phase". The sheer amount of true acceptance and being understood was just phenomenal! Loved all the gay panic moments and I feel like Hal was permanently blushing through this entire book!

Our MC is trans and struggles with body dysmorphia. Even though the POV is only in Hal's, and it is third person it still hits hard. You really understand what Hal has gone through leading up to this point and there where so many scenes I wanted to reach into the book and hug Hal! There are depictions of anxiety and uncertainties. Our boy has a stutter at times, but don't we all get one when we get overwhelmed?

This read didn't contain a whole lot of language. Only the big one during moments of passion but otherwise no cursing. This may be a spoiler, but Hal's body is female and there were some "oh no" moments revolving around that fact (birth control needs). Check the TWs but everything was handled very well. The guards will make you swoon! Must protect all three of my boys!

The spice scenes were amazing but also so intimate! There are different dynamics and communication going on verbal and nonverbal that I really respected. MMM action, Virgin MC, "Good Boy", Hurt/Comfort, and more! This book does end with a cliffhanger, but the next installment is about to come out! (On Valentine's Day!)

Enjoy the read with true acceptance and love that will make you cry and want to hug all of the MCs! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Highly recommend checking out the author's Insta or TT! There's artwork of the MCs!!


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