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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, this series goes in order! Each book is about a different main couple but there's an overarching storyline that isn't fully resolved. Potential spoilers ahead!





"Already I feel the tug of wanderlust. Everything has started to feel too familiar, and I need a change of scenery. I may even leave the country this time." - Willow

Willow was feeling the urge to move on but not to a completely different realm! Or maybe this is just the trippiest trip she's ever had, and she just needs to sleep it off? Only this is real, she's trapped in the Fae Realm with ten other humans!

Willow's wanderlust doesn't leave her as she agrees to go to the Summer Court with four others. The call of the ocean and the beach has her practically running all the way there. But when she gets arrives odd things begin occurring. . . Suddenly Willow's having to face feelings and situations she's never been in before along with a very handsome High Lord who's stating she's, his mate. Mate? Her how?! Can she accept him and be tied down to the Summer Court or will she reject him?

"I don’t see the point in stressing out about being here. I may as well enjoy myself." - Willow

Pretty sure my girl is an Aquarius like me! Willow has never been in one place for too long. She's always been the one to seek out crazy adventures, enjoy unique places, and meet new people but never has she found somewhere that makes her want to stay. She's a free spirit who wishes to remain one for as long as the wanderlust will have her! All she needs is her journal, a toothbrush, and "strong herbs" and she's golden. 

As Willow and some of the other humans settle into the Summer Court, she begins feeling like maybe she could call this place home. A castle near the ocean, access to the beach, warm weather all the time, and so much more. But can she actually be happy here? Only when Willow hears she is the High Lord's mate the bars of the cage seem to surround her. . . 

I got Willow on so many levels as I read through this installment. The battles that took place inside her head as she got to know more about her new surroundings and the people within the court. I loved seeing her struggle and how the High Lord tried to help her, but ultimately Willow had to figure out things for herself. I respect that the author didn't have the High Lord and his statements of love/mates be the cure all for Willow. No, she had to face herself.

“I’m not sure these fae are ready for the glory that is your thighs… maybe we should ease them in, and just give them a little calf for today huh?” - Willow

I truly loved the moments when Willow was being the best-est friend in the world! Willow knows how to people and how to encourage them but not be too pushy or cause more harm than good. She's that supportive bestie you want in your corner who will have your back no matter what! Willow would be there with gummies, snacks, and a big hug. The bonds she formed and the way she helped others to open up and relax was amazing! Ugh I love my soul book bestie so much!

“You could make a killing with this in the human realm!” - Willow

“I do not wish to kill anyone.” - High Lord of Summer Court

The High Lord is a giant puppy with Golden Retriever vibes, and I am all here for it! I love how the Fae of Luna's books are not all high-and-mighty and serious. Example being this man who was pinning like mad and practically pouting because of situations keeping him away from the person he really wanted to be near! I loved getting to know about him, and his magic really hurt understanding what it was and how it was limited. Loved the dynamic between the two and the funny dialogue barriers that sometimes popped up.

This series is sticking to the lighthearted, fluffy side of life. There are some intense moments but nothing crazy, because again not all of the humans are super thrilled about being in the Fae Realm. I mean some people would be over the moon about being in a fantasy realm while there are some who would want to return home ASAP. Language is prominent in this read and there is a scene depicting what happens when a Fae is under the influence of iron.

So, Willow is a bit of a hippie and partakes in herbs to relax. This may be a spoiler but there is a sequence of events showing a "trip" going wrong. The POVs shift so it isn't a really crazy and intense thing but just to be aware of. As well as a glimpse of what a hangover can feel like in the morning. I enjoyed that the author is sticking with dual POV's again and how the chapter head names change toward the end!

With this read we do get MM action and MF action. I don't know if the Fae really see sexual orientation as a big thing since they live for so long and have many partners, but the High Lord is seen as bisexual. For the main couple it's a slow burn and well worth the wait! Loved the comical moments and how the two kept up the pinning and angst. Fools to lovers!

HEA for main couple of the book but there's clearly more to come for the series! We still need answers to the overarching plotline that's carrying over from book one. Not to mention other little plots that are bubbling up! Ugh! I'm going to go read the next book!

Enjoy the read with my bestie Willow who will have you feeling so many emotions! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Amazon.com: Fae's Flight (Fated Fae Book 2) eBook : Daye, Luna: Books

Book One:

Amazon.com: Fae's Mate (Fated Fae Book 1) eBook : Daye, Luna: Books

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