The Reprise: An A Cappella Novella Author Connor Bryan

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Knock, knock.

    Who's there?

        An idiot in a sunhat." - Quinn

Quinn's weeklong vacation for a friend just came to a screeching halt when Wesley appears. But this trip isn't about Quinn or the past involving Wesley, no this is about Basil and her birthday! Never mind that their ex is present, and they will be stuck with them for seven days. Surely Quinn can avoid Wesley for the time they are forced to be in close proximity with one another, right?

The past is hard to forget and also something Quinn doesn't want to remember. Only things take a turn for the worse when the group decides to sign up for a local singing competition. Quinn's not ready for a redo of what happened with the a cappella group that lead to their biggest failure. . .

"Maybe this singing thing isn't so bad." - Quinn

This novella was so good and has me falling in love with the author even more! Connor Bryan will be a permanent author and favorite author I will instantly devour any work from! Won't care about length of book or what it's even about will just instantly be like "yes". She really thrives with the grumpy versus sunshine characters and how they slowly come together. Very much love her writing style and feel-good HEAs!

We have two timelines going on simultaneously so as to help understand the events leading up to Quinn's major downfall. The flashbacks are nice and flow within the read as you get to see through Quinn's POV, the POV being in third person. Avoiding the past is what Quinn's attempting to do but Wesley only helps to trigger the memories.

Quinn's your grade A grump who's just cruising through life, only they're not thriving. Needing help with tutoring leads them to Wesley who will help them but there's a catch. Quinn has to join Welsey's a cappella group and perform with them. Quinn's not thrilled by any of this, but something causes them to change their ways, just a little. 

I really loved getting to see how things started and wondering how they will end. The biggest question of all being "what happened?!" There are hints about things and you can tell it was bad the story keeping you hooked until the very last page. I loved the a cappella group and the different dynamics the individuals presented. Being supportive of one another and sticking together no matter what. Loved all of the characters for different reasons but you will just have to read the novella to meet all of them!

"I could" has to be my favorite line I am taking from this book. This read is about finding forgiveness and a willingness to open up even if it may be painful. Second chance romance is present but it's a slow burn because of the circumstances surrounding things. Also love how the main character wasn't quick to accept an apology. This is a clean romance and the most that happens is kissing.

Connor Bryan keeps her books lighthearted with all the ooey gooey romantic feelings. There are some touches on heavier subjects, but it doesn't weigh down the read. This book does contain language and feelings of failure/guilt. I really loved the dedication for this book and that "Pitch Perfect" was mentioned a few times within. We also get a couple of "gay panic" moments that I absolutely adore! Quinn is nonbinary and I get really excited when I see they/them surrounding a character!

This was such a fantastic read with an ending that made my heart very happy. It was perfect! I also saw hints of a possible relationship that could be featured in another novella if the author wanted to do so. I am here for all of the books by this author!

Enjoy the read with a grumpy, emo, college kid and a sunshine, "Greek god", college kid with a love for music and teaching. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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