We Have All Night: A Novella Author Bridgette Anne

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5 out of 5 stars!

"To the people who fantasize about a fun night of coitus with a stranger. This one is for you." - Dedication for the Book!

Jenna's lost the spark of life and is weighed down by her responsibilities. Not being able to write her romance novels or find inspiration to do so. But when a certain stranger in a bar approaches her, she decides to throw her cares and fears to the wind! She wants to have a night full of fun and do things she only researched about for her book characters.

The expiration on the night of fun is until the sun comes up and she has to go back. Is she taking too high of a risk? Will this night inspire her or just sadden her more? Can she stop overthinking?

"Thank you. Though, I don't need a knight in shining armor to save me." - Jenna

"Good, because I'm anything but honorable, sweetheart." - Alex

I was excited to read this novella from an author I had previously read and reviewed a book for. And then when I read the dedication. . .oh, I knew this was going to be a fun ride and very yummy! This novella did not disappoint!

Is there life after a divorce and children? Jenna's struggling with a lot of things but when someone presents a proposal for one night, how can she not turn it down? She wants to enjoy living again and feeling that freedom and connection to herself. Being a mother is everything but sometimes people forget there's a person behind the title.

I loved the chemistry between Alex and Jenna so much! I appreciated the fact that he was genuine and didn't come across being a saint or a "good guy". You know the good guys you meet in bars who declare they're a good guy and you can trust them type. . . Yeah, no Alex is upfront about things and his intentions and Jenna decides she likes them and wants to go for it.

There's a little bit of a plot in this story and some healing. I apologize if this is a spoiler, and you are more than welcome to skip this paragraph. A character has PTSD and has a brief episode where they need to be gently talked down it was a very well written scene. I also appreciated the mention of standing up for Veterans' rights and how they don't have many. Respecting those that have served and trying to get them aide with reentering society.

I also get really tickled when I read stories with a character who can see shapes and colors through sound! If you go to Bridgette's TikTok you can hear her inspiration for this story and how the concept for everything came about! It's very cool and I enjoyed how the character who has synesthesia was written. There's a little twist about the norm of being called a square. (For those of the younger generation, a square = plain/boring/no fun.)

This read delivers with the spice! Please read the content warnings at the beginning of the book. All the MF action was consensual between adults, and it was very good. Toe curling scenes and scenes that made you hold your breath. There are some darker histories and mentions of substance abuse, violence is in the book, and language. But I thoroughly enjoyed this novella!

The ending broke my heart a little and I really hope the author gives me more! I am fine with another short novella! The book did end with a happy ending but there's opening for more. You will just have to read this short book to understand what I fully mean! Also, fair warning this read will make you crave tacos!

Enjoy the spicy read as we get to see Jenna's POV through the entire thing. Exploring and experiencing things as she overcomes her fears and worries! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

We Have All Night: A Novella - Kindle edition by Anne, Bridgette. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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