Pancakes with a Mistletoe on Top Author Maya Lemaire

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5 out of 5 stars!

"The problem was that the balance of friend and unsupportive bitch was a very fine one." - Evie

Evie's excited her best friend is coming home from an overseas internship. What's she's not excited for is the fact her impulsive bestie is now in love and engaged to someone! Within a very short time frame! So, a plan forms as she ventures out into the snow to meet her friend at a diner.

Operation make-best-friend-see-reason is a go! Evie didn't realize that her best friend's fiancĂ© would bring his best friend as well. Will this new person add complications to Evie's plan, or will he help her? And why does mistletoe have to be hung from every doorway?  

"He kind of balances my crazy." - Stacy

Evie's just trying to watch out for her best friend and make sure she's making the right decisions. She's a bit protective of her bestie and after breaking free of a very bad relationship Evie's a bit guarded. And I enjoyed watching her plan and how she was approaching things. 

The banter I loved the most was between Evie and John! They started out on the wrong foot, and it was hilarious! Neither one backed down from the other's challenges or witty comebacks. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal with pancakes and the dynamics amongst the group. How things shifted for everyone the more they got to know and interact with each other.

There is language in this short novella along with mention of a toxic past relationship. A relationship that had involved physical and mental abuse along with manipulation. This is a very sweet and fluffy Christmas romance novella, so the heavy material is briefly mentioned. No real in-depth details because Maya's keeping the read light and romantic!

I loved the romantic take on love at first sight! There was mention of sex but no details and the most action within the read was kissing. I loved that we got to see the entirety of the novella through Evie's POV! I very much enjoyed this read and if the author wanted to, she could make another novella with the cast from this read!

Enjoy the read with romance, Christmas vibes, pancakes, and mistletoe! There was a very cute mistletoe kiss in the novella! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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