Christmas Wishes: A Christmas Menage Novella Author Arianna Barton

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5 out of 5 stars!

"I knew in my heart of hearts that these men would irrevocably change my life." - Aneira

Aneira's not into the Christmas spirit, let alone the spirit of finding a mate, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately, the only place hiring on such short notice is THE North Pole. . . Aneira soon finds herself surrounded by Christmas themed elements and cheer along with two men. Will this Frost Elemental's heart melt or remain cold with her guards firmly intact?

"You're trouble." - Racer

"You don't know the half of it." - Aneira

So, we all love Hallmark Christmas movies or at least one of the many, right? This short novella reminded me of a Hallmark Christmas movie but with spice, shifters, and why choose! You get all the fluffy, magical moments, and Christmas cheer/hope but with smut on top! Also, little hints of "The Polar Express" because of the town in the North Pole and the supernatural elements of it all.

Aneira's dealing with some grief and Christmas isn't for her, but how can one dislike Christmas while stationed at the North Pole? We have some drama in this book, a plotline, and a couple of arcs! I love novellas and novels that are spicy but also have a plot. The novella is only fifty-nine pages so it's a very fast read!

The two MMCs are fantastic, and I love their individual personalities! They're patient and courteous with Aneira even though they know she's the one. Noel's very playful and mischievous while Racer's calm and collected. The trio balance each other out well and help to bring out some qualities. The romance is a slow burn but there's instant attraction and we do get an intimate MFM scene! Loved that there are multiple POVs to see how everyone really felt about the other.

Loved this quick read and the other characters presented in the book! There's language in the novella along with heavy feelings of grief and some emotional baggage from pasts. Brief anxiety attack on page and some bullying. We have some troubles within the pages, but the novella ends on a HEA, and you may cry a little!

Enjoy the read with a grumpy FMC and two sunshine MMCs, they fall first by the way! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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