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5 out of 5 stars!

"What was it about this woman? She'd done nothing but intrigue and puzzle him from the minute they'd met." - Dante

Dante's focused on his job and saving the lives of his patients, not getting involved with the media and press. He signed up for medicine, he did not sign up for being a celebrity! But with people wanting details about his current patients, he can't seem to keep out from under the lights. Conjoined twins have got everyone buzzing and focused on his work and the hospital.

Alexa's here to keep things professional and ensure lines are not crossed. Wanting to help others understand the case with the twins and help future doctors or families going through similar cases. The only thing standing in her way is a grumpy doctor with cute dimples. Not seeing eye to eye on the matter, yet they both have the same standpoint, she will have to defrost him. Will she be able to get Dante to trust her and have faith in her work?

"Her career had been far more cursed, and she'd have to work hard to prove her worth." - Alexa

I loved Alexa! The struggles she was going through and a past that left her traumatized and unaccepting of compliments. Seeing herself as a failure and more. I completely understand not accepting compliments, I'm personally working on that. Always expecting the other shoe to drop or the negativity to start flowing in. It's a nasty thing to break.

Alexa's very good at her job and Dante picks up on some hints about her work that makes her seem overqualified. She's the Public Relations Manager at the hospital and Dante has a past that makes him want to construct walls between him and the press. But something keeps drawing him into Alexa and he can't seem to stay far away from her.

I love Megan's writing style and her romance novels! This book was such a good read and had me feeling so many emotions! I related so much to Alexa, and I absolutely fell in love with Francesca! Especially when she had a conversation with Dante about some matters. I want her to have a happy ending and a book of her own!

"This mouth of yours. Even when we disagree, I still like it." - Dante

I enjoyed the dynamic between Dante and Alexa, I would have to say enemies to lovers, but they didn't just straight up hate one another so maybe frenemies? They were trying to figure one another out, understand themselves, and face past demons. I loved Dante but there was a character design of his that was addressed and made him realize some things. The duo POVs was comical and had me shaking my head on several matters.

Megan writes clean romances; there's no language and the MF passion fades to black. The main characters work at a hospital and the major storyline revolves around a risky operation. You can tell Megan did her research with this read and I was intrigued by everything! There's mention of blood and there was one high tension scene that was a step-by-step scenario. I also really loved the prep work the doctors and team did for a major surgery in the book.

There is mention of a side character who attempted suicide and some of the things revolving around that. But the author does a respectful job of things, and I enjoyed how everything played out. I don't want to give too much away! This is by no means a dark read; things are kept light. 

The healing in this book was fantastic and I loved the closure to something. A sense of justice about things and the development of characters. I really loved this book and just Megan's writing style and characters she brings to life! I cannot wait to read more by Megan, definitely check out her cozy murder mysteries if you haven't gotten a chance yet!

Enjoy the read with all the happy emotions and some tears! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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