The Dragon Healer: The Eldrasian Chronicles Book 1 Author Tiani Davids

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5 out of 5 stars!

"I'm meant to be collecting herbs for Galen, you know? Not treating injured dragons." - Elinta

Dragon! Dragons are supposed to be no longer present in Eldras! Yet Elinta cannot deny the giant "beast" in front of her nor the fact that it's injured. Showing no signs of the fabled aggressiveness Elinta takes a risk, one that condemns her as a traitor when men from her village stumble upon her. Elinta's soon transported away from her village and the peaceful life she was wanting to lead.

Elinta finds herself surrounded by things she had only heard stories of. A race who no longer associates with humans, a prince who wishes to mend the past, and a kingdom that celebrates the end of the dragons. Being connected to a dragon is the least of Elinta's worries as she tries to form a plan with the prince to bring true peace to all life in Eldras. Can she trust the prince? What happens if Elinta and her dragon are caught? Which path is the correct one?

"Killing an injured animal that showed no aggression. . .she couldn't condone it." - Elinta

I have to say as I was reading this story and getting submerged into it, I was a little afraid it was going to follow the plot line of "How to Train Your Dragon" a little too much. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked! You do get the vibes of "How to Train Your Dragon" from this book but the stories are very different, and I loved the flow of this storyline!

I love how you have this plan in mind for your life and then fate just decides to show its hand. . . Elinta certainly did not expect her life to change so quickly in a short amount of time. Elinta's sixteen and this feels like it's going to be her coming of age story. I loved how things progressed throughout her journey and where she ended up at. The bond she forms with the dragon is a unique one and I admired it.

Some of my favorite scenes were with Elinta and the dragon as they connected whether it be in the sky or in a lake swimming together! I loved getting to see riding on the back of a dragon as it tore through the sky, though Elinta may have other opinions on the matter. I enjoyed watching their bond grow and strengthen as the book went on and how not everything is as it seems. Elinta's figuring that out as she continues to connect to her dragon.

"I think I just witnessed an argument between a girl and a dragon." - Lorrin

I loved all the characters of this book and how the main three helped to balance one another out. Not to mention getting into many mischievous acts when a certain two are paired together. The acceptance and understanding amongst the cast along with building of friendships. I just hope the friendships will last until the final book of this series, yes of course it would make for epic plot twists but still. . .

"I know I'm attractive, but there's no need to stare." - Niles

Tiani did an incredible job with world building! I was intrigued by the different races and the cultures of this world. I loved the action scenes with sword fighting, whether it be serious fights or simply training ones. The descriptions of everything were fantastic and I loved being able to feel Elinta's emotions. This is a single POV story and that being Elinta's POV. The world we are placed in is just breathtaking and sad on several accounts. Loved learning how things are not fully what they seem and that there may be more to everything!

Tiani spoils us with a little pronunciation guide in this book! This is a YA fantasy book with no language or intimate scenes. There are hints of a possible romance blooming, but the main cast are a little too focused on other things. As the title suggests there are some injuries that need healing, nothing is really detailed out or gory. Blood is mentioned and treatments are given. The cliffhanger will get you and I am so ready for the next book!

I really loved this YA fantasy that reminded me of "How to Train Your Dragon" and "The Sea Beast". I also cannot deny my fixation with dragons and was very excited to read this book! I cannot wait for the next step in Elinta's journey and hopefully she can get some answers!

Enjoy the fantasy with a girl and a dragon and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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