Could Have Been Real: Could Have Been Sweet Book 4 Author Camilla Evergreen

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, these books can be read as standalones but for the best reading experience read them in order! The Epilogue at the end of this book has a special little treat if you've read all the other books of the series! You can read this as a standalone but there may be some spoilers to the romantic couples' stories from the previous books.

"You're insane," I whisper. (Summer)

"You say that like it's an insult." - Louie

Summer wants nothing more than to leave behind the small town of Chickville and all the painful memories within it. But when a certain Billionaire's son comes flying in through her store doors plans change. Or more like the time frame has extended. . . Louie's a force of nature and has the ability to read everyone around him like an open book. Infuriating her to no end!

To top everything off? He wishes to marry her and reinvent the town! Having come up with a diabolical plan to get back at his father Louie's just lacking one piece, his Queen. Can Summer even do what he's asking? Should she even trust this man? Will he keep his end of the agreement? Pretty sure Louie's a male witch and Summer will do anything to keep from falling under his spell!

"Ah yes. The four-step plan every girl dreams of." - Summer

So, I had to rejog my memory for a second. We first meet Louie from the book involving Elliot and Juliette, "Could Have Been Closer", but it was a brief scene. But within that certain scene I just knew I needed a book with Louie! And I will say. . .I am NOT disappointed in the least!

I was laughing from chapter one all the way until the very last page! This book had so much witty comedy in it that I now have a goofy smile stuck on my face! The dynamic between the two was just phenomenal, I got "The Proposal" vibes from this read. Louie will blow you away with his energy and character. Summer was NOT prepared at all!

Louie knows how to read people and guess what's going through their mind. Summer hates that part of him with a passion especially since every statement he makes about her is true! This is a marriage of convenience and once the time limits up, she's gone. But Louie's stating she won't leave. . . Louie has golden retriever energy to the max! He also has no chill and will go from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye.

This book has a lot of comedy but there are some heavier tones woven within this read. Namely the scary side of depression and what it can do or end up doing. . . There's references of suicide and struggles surrounding not seeing things. One of the main characters has had past and some present abuse involving being used and manipulated. Abandonment issues are mentioned as well but Camilla keeps the book lighthearted even with the moments of sadness. Everything was respectfully done and handled well.

The main characters are healing from things and helping one another as they struggle through this marriage of convenience. I loved the vibes of the smalltown and how Summer wants out and Louie wants in. Seeing the tight knit community and how it grows with the presence of Louie. This was a very good read and a great ending to the series!

Camilla does amazing work with these clean romances! I love that they are clean, but she understands that we are dealing with adults. So, there are adult things and innuendos within the book. Louie has no filter when it comes to showcasing his gutter brain! Of course, just jokes and Summer stops him on several occasions. I like how there's something Summer doesn't do that just completely rattles Louie to his core. There are reasons behind why she no longer does it, but Louie can't help but to tease her at every turn.

Summer doesn't back down from Louie's challenges and dishes things right back at him. Even tripping him up a couple of times and giving him a dose of his own medicine! I especially loved this one scene involving beautification of the town and water balloons! Just these two together were perfect and a great couple to end the series with!

This is a clean romance and the language that comes up is muted out. The romance is there and there's a slow burn between the two. I loved the romance and the intimacy that came about but ultimately faded to black. It's implied what happens. I enjoyed the twist on the trope of grump x sunshine. In this story the grump is the female, and the male is the sunshine!

I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this series from start to finish. I cannot wait for more books from Camilla, and I hope there are more that will make me laugh as much as this one did! The twists in this book as well were just phenomenal and I was cheering and crying at the end!

"If you were an author, you'd understand. We want enough money to build book forts and eat chips." - Harper (Poison!)

Enjoy this clean romantic comedy with so many laughs and duo POVs. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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Bianca and Drew's story, Book 3:


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