Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies Book 1 Author Cyra King

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5 out of 5 stars!

 "Jesus, is it me? Am I the jinx?" - Megan

Working at a hospital isn't an easy job, seeing death all the time and wondering if you could've done something more. But when patients keep dying and the hospitals are overcrowded, and understaffed Megan is left wondering what's going on. No one was ready for what happened next, Megan certainly wasn't.

A viral outbreak, chaos, and bites. . . Zombies are here, and the apocalypse is now. Megan finds herself in the heart of it all and not on the human side. Being a sentient zombie is difficult as she tries to navigate through her new reality. Rumors of a cure, new world leaders on both sides of the fence, military conspiracies, and so much more. Will Megan be able to survive or waste away and become an Empty?

"There can't possibly be too much violence on TV in a world where the undead roam." - Don

I love Zombies, end of review. This book gave me "Warm Bodies" vibes and I loved it. I thoroughly enjoy when authors write about Zombies and make them into more than just mindless, hunger driven, decaying forms. This book presented so many thought provoking questions and realities. Cyra did her research well and really grasped all angles of things. Soon you are unable to decide which side is the correct one. Is there even a right answer?

This book is a horror read and there's a lot of gruesome scenes. Body horror, acts of survival, violence, and blood. We follow Megan as her world is literally turned upside down and right-side up. Being bitten and changed has caused her to fight her carnal desires. She refuses to become a monster or a savage. I thought of Ken Kaneki from "Tokyo Ghoul" as I read Megan's struggle. She doesn't want to lose her humanity.

Survival is the key plot to this book. Both sides trying to live to see another day or have a future. I loved how we have multiple POVs and them being on either side of the fence. I loved that there were characters who were physically handicapped and how they had to learn to live. It's terrifying when you think about being handicapped in a world of pure survival. I am glad the author included it because not everyone is going to be in perfect shape if the apocalypse broke out. . . Even just being confined to wearing glasses because you cannot see anything without.

The author also included methods Megan and others had to use to try and preserve their bodies from just utterly falling into decay. Being a former nurse, she knows a lot about the human body and how to act. Megan was such a great female lead and I loved all the intricacies of the Zs. The differences between them and humans.

This book was so well written, and the research put into it. . .phenomenal! As the author mentions on her socials, she writes stories that blur between fiction and reality. This book made it feel like this could actually happen and crazy how things are so believable! Some of the twists in the book I could predict but I still thoroughly enjoyed when the main characters connected the dots. This book does leave on a big cliffhanger, and I am excited to read the next book!

With Zombies and the need to survive a lot of scenes may be disturbing and triggering for some. There are also humans who have an interesting perspective on how to "handle" zombies. . . Gore is very prominent in this book. Details of the zombies and different levels of decay or injuries are intense. Loss and grief are heavy in this read. There are also anxiety attacks on the page, and you feel what the character does.

Language is present in the book along with scenes of MF action. There are some details with the scenes, but not long paragraphs or chapters dedicated to smut. Sorry this book is more about survival and living. We do have some romance and separation of lovers. I loved the mirroring effect with this read and certain characters.

I really loved "Warm Bodies", so I am very glad I was able to read this book! Sentient zombies and the blurring of morally correct lines. The big question of what happens next and is it the right decision? This book was such a good read and just enjoyed all the intricacies and details! I cannot wait until Megan returns in book two, I need to know what is to come! I have some theories though.

Enjoy the read that will cause you to question everything and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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