Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Volume 2 Author/Illustrator AidaIro

Manga Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Author Aida

Illustrator Iro

This manga series goes in order leaving off on cliffhangers! Please, read them in order otherwise this review will contain spoilers. I have also contained some images from the book that I hope do not spoil anything.

". . .The ones with the most power are those who don't know when to give up." - Hanako-kun

Nene Yashiro's made a pact with Hanako-kun, not what she was going for when summoning Hanako-"san". But now she has to rely on him to help keep a little curse from taking over. . . Becoming his assistant in the process was another thing that was not on her list to do as a highschooler!

Luckily, Yashiro's a big fan of the supernatural and occult culture. Maybe helping Hanako-kun won't be so bad now that she's actually doing something other than toilet cleaning. Though this challenge with mystery number two may just be a close cut. Can Yashiro find and rescue her missing classmate? Will the three make it out of the Misaki Stairs' domain? And has anyone seen a left leg laying around anywhere?

Can we just talk about that cliffhanger from volume one! It was such a great ending point to make you want to rush out and snatch up the next volume. Manga cliffhangers are no joke and I love reading a variety of books. Have to say after reading many manga and watching anime, book cliffhangers don't hit me as hard. I do enjoy when a cliffhanger does hit me hard and has me rushing out to get the next book, if my wallet will allow. . .

Yashiro just can't seem to catch a break! This two-page panel had me laughing so hard. Nene just got free from one crazy misstep and now this! She's our main character so you know her arc and the things she will have to go through are going to be crazy. I fell in love with her even more as I read this manga. I have to say with her character I thought she was going to be a pushover. This manga proved me wrong!

Yashiro's still trying to wrap her head around things and understand Hanako-kun more. Realizing she barely knows him at all and is starting to have motivation to get closer to him. Even if he does drive her up the wall and miscommunicates things to her on multiple occasions. She's also still our cute, little hopeless romantic wishing she was in a different manga centered around her falling in love.

"You're easily fooled by a pretty face." - Aoi

I enjoy how there are multiple stories in the manga and different arcs taking place. We get to see more of Kou's background and get to know him a little more. Along with why he's the way he is and what really motivates him. Though his world's narrow view is slowly growing the more he hangs around Yashiro and Hanako-kun. I still love Kou and he's going to remain one of my favorite characters, you cannot convince me otherwise!

Kou's energy and just how he's coming into his own and understanding life. Getting to see him and Yashiro growing up in the short course of two manga. I really need the next volumes to continue the story especially with the little tease at the end of this one! This is such a great series so far that has all the playfulness and humor one could ever want.

Now there are some darker things in the manga along with some violence and threats. This feels like it will be a lighter manga with more comedy than anything else. But there are fights between characters that result in blood being drawn. Nothing too over the top or disturbing. Language is not present in the manga or else it is bleeped out by symbols.

I love this crazy adventure so far and I want to continue it when I am able to purchase the next volumes! The twists in the story. . .there's a character design that I fully love when they have a particular twist to them. It is a trope or cliche that I thoroughly love when it's used! I cannot say more otherwise I will give things away. Just know that not everyone is what they seem to be. This manga is all about not believing what seems to be true, especially when rumors and gossip are involved. . .

Enjoy this manga while I go sulk a little for not having the next volumes. This manga will have you laughing, cheering, and feeling proud for the main characters. Maybe even a little surprised by their character break throughs. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Manga authors/illustrators are harder to find socials for, but I did find the duo's Twitter account!

Yen Press for helping to distribute the series:

And one last panel that may be a little bit of a spoiler, but I really loved the depiction!












The difference in all of their energies is so easy to read in this image! The illustrator did a fantastic job with this piece, and it was one of my favorite images!


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