Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun Vol 1 Author/Illustrator AidaIro

Manga Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Author - Aida

Illustrator - Iro

"Hey did you know? This school has seven mysteries?"

Nene Yashiro has a wish she needs granted! And everyone at Kamome Academy states there is a wish granting ghost in the old school building. Of course, in the third stall within a girl's bathroom. Being a cult and supernatural enthusiast, Yashiro does what any ghost loving girl would do. Knocks three times and summons Hanako-san.

Only Hanako-San is really Hanako-KUN! Will this BOY ghost grant Yashiro her wish? Why does he keep insisting she do actual tasks to fulfill a wish? What has she gotten herself into!?

Why couldn't I go to a cool high school with seven mysteries and paranormal activity? Nooo, my parents "had" to send me to a high school that had recently been freshly built. . . Oh well, I will make up for the loss by reading manga!

"You're easily drawn to pretty boys and supernaturals aren't you, Yashiro?" - Hanako-kun

I mean. . .is this really a question needing an answer? This manga is a hilarious start to the series! With so much comedy, innuendos, and miscommunications! Of course, this is a manga so there are slight fan service panels, nothing too over the top or inappropriate. The main cast are high schoolers and one crazy, almost high school kid.

I have been meaning to get my hands on this series for a while and I finally have! The artwork is just incredible in this book, and I love the playfulness of it all. 

Nene Yashiro is a sweetheart who doesn't quite know how to navigate through life just yet. Being a little timid and shy with things at first but I think paired with chaotic Hanako-kun will be good for her. He's full of secrets and mysteries that several beings underestimate him for. He's also rather calm about matters and situations that happen.

I loved the twist on supernaturals and their stories. I do not want to give too much away but I thought it was a very creative take on things. I also enjoyed at the end of the mini arcs there was a brief description of the supernatural who appeared in the previous chapter. I think it's really cute that the duo used "Spooks" to highlight each chapter!

Yashiro's already dealing with enough issues after a certain series of events. But now! Let me introduce you to our MOST chaotic character.

I apologize if this is a spoiler but when I saw this panel, I laughed so hard! Kou Minamoto's ready to take Hanako-Kun down! But will the youngster be able to accomplish this challenge? Minamoto became my favorite character the moment I saw this entire page with him on it. He honestly gives off Black Star vibes from "Soul Eater". I cannot resist a character like that!

There's no language in the book, the author and illustrator duo bleep it out with symbols. There is violence and a scene where a character's hand is injured. So little bit of blood shown and in one other panel, but this series seems like it's going to be more of a playful comedy. I can tell there may be some serious notes, but I think the manga will remain lighthearted. 

The cliffhanger was beautifully done, and I am lucky to have the second volume on hand! Enjoy the comedy with a girl who just wants to have a romantic story! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Manga writes are a little harder to find socials for. Luckily the duo has a twitter account! You may just have to translate the feed.

あいだいろ@18巻発売中! (@aidairo2009) / Twitter

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 1 (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, 1): AidaIro: 9781975332877: Books

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