Tentacles & Triathlons: Leviathan Fitness Book 2 Author Ashley Bennett

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"To anyone who wants to be f***ed by tentacles. . ." - The dedication for this book!

First and foremost! These books can be read as standalones, but you will get a much better reading experience if you go in order. The couple from the previous book have a continuation in this story, merely as a side arc. If you do decide to just slide into this read, you will miss out on the first couple's backstory. Book 1: "Muscles & Monsters", it's a very good read and the first book of Ashley's I have read, and now I am addicted!

"Monsters made me feel uneasy." - Reece

Preparing for a triathlon is an impressive challenge to take on. What isn't impressive? Reece's swimming abilities or lack of. . . Needing help with the one part of the race he is not confident in the most, Reece hates to admit it but he could use some coaching. Only. . .the gym with a great pool and the owner's his sister's mate, has monsters constantly coming in and out of it. Can Reece find the courage to intermingle with monsters?

Cyrus has been on autopilot for several months now. Not even wanting to pick up his paintbrushes until a chance encounter with the smalltown-grump Reece Rollins! Now with a new breath of fresh air Cyrus' doesn't want to let his secret muse go. And as fate would have it, Cyrus is an excellent swimmer and possible coach! Thank the gods for being blessed with tentacles. Though hopefully his appearance doesn't turn Reece away. . .

"I was so tired of letting my past and my fears dictate my life. It was time for me to work on moving forward." - Reece

I was so excited to see Reece as the main character of this book! In the previous book he didn't come off as the best person, especially when it came to matters of monsters. Though there's a reason for why he is the way he is! This book was the beginning of Reece's healing journey to releasing his past and what no longer serves him.

Cyrus has been going through it for a while now and his friends have noticed. They just didn't know how to approach him. Considering the Kraken's one of the oldest monsters around! I knew and my heart knew Cyrus was going to be one of my favorite characters! His sweetness and understanding along with his beautiful monster self.

The two of them are great together and will give you all the mushy feelings. I loved the respect for one another and communication they had. Ashley writes fluffy, sweet romances with all the toe-curling smut scenes! The focus is on the main couple and working through things. Just loved all the healing in this book and Reece being open and fully vulnerable.

The spice scenes did NOT disappoint! MM action that will make you want to take a cold shower and then reread the book. Using Fallon's nickname, "Daddy Tentacles" is everything in one. Sweet, caring, and so much more but not afraid to be a dom. I guess it's just me but some of my favorite smut is when the couple has to call each other or have a video call. . .

Grumpy/sunshine trope with coach and student. Loved all of this book and I was crying with multiple scenes. Ashley did an amazing job, and I cannot wait for the next book! Though I need to know what's going on with Chai, she was mentioned in book one as well. Language is present in the book along with trauma and healing from it. Again, Ashley keeps the books in this series lighthearted even if there are some heavier themes. Enjoyed the multiple POVs and seeing how the two truly felt about one another.

So. . .I really, really need a HAE for Pam or mom! I am fine if it's just a side story arc and I may be a little selfish, but I just truly love Pam! She's beyond accepting of her children and genuinely wanting them to be happy. When I met her in the first book, I just knew I was going to continue to love her. She's the mom you wish you had, even if she isn't blood related. She creates such a safe place and an encouraging one! I hope she remains present in all the books!

Will be sticking with this series no matter how long it goes for! Ashley's also an amazing author and had to make some changes to the book and the previous one. She has a note at the beginning of the book mentioning things. A playlist is also included along with a link to all the TWs for the book.

Do enjoy this sweet, fluffy, healing read with all the tentacles and unique anatomy parts. . . Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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