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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and leaves off with cliffhangers. If you haven't read, "Drown the Sea: Dying Gods Book One" go read that book first. Otherwise, this review will contain spoilers and be confusing. Secondly, this series takes place in the Bronze Age Mediterranean, the Minoan civilization. Historically accurate with creative flare.

"Only a fool would hike Mount Ida unprepared." - Brita

Finally! Adrienne may have a way to get back home. Climbing a mountain to get to the Oracle in hopes of gaining answers ones that will hopefully lead her back home. Only Adrienne did not anticipate the company of Asterion, the grumpy man is still keen on bullying her. Also no one mentioned there would be so much walking involved! Never mind Asterion, she will soon be leaving this time period and going back to modern society.

Will Adrienne get the answers she seeks? Will she truly be able to time travel back home? Will Asterion cease being a grump? Will Kit fully pledge himself to Xenodice? And why does her heartache with the thought of leaving the Bronze Age?

"And if the stars have already written their destiny, then I will change the course of those stars, or I will burn them down." - Jadikira

This book. . .this series. . . I could and did get lost in these pages. I am now begging for the next book to come out as soon as possible! I didn't realize how much I love historical fiction until I read this series. Now I cannot get enough of historical fictions with historical accuracies and of course, creative liberties.

I loved being able to fully submerge into a story that was historically accurate. Not being pulled out of the book because of random modern tidbits mentioned. Clothing, language, culture, etc. everything was just accurate! The author clearly does so much research when it comes to this series, and I respect that so much. Elisha even had a little history lesson at the beginning of the book on how Minoan's potentially viewed things.

Adrienne's still trying to figure out the Bronze Age and how she "fits" into it. Not wanting to fully submerge herself into the time period because she hopes to be leaving soon. Though you can tell it's getting harder and harder for Adrienne to not form attachments and relationships. But let's be honest, Adrienne's only fooling herself.

Having to deal with the new life, her newfound feelings, and all the things that come with being in a new time period. Something else that really solidified my love for this series is that Adrienne has to learn EVERYTHING, right down to the language. Even to other main characters irritations on how ill equipped she is to handle life. I liked that she didn't just randomly know how to do everything.

With this book we get to dive in deeper with Asterion and Jadikira's relationship and back grounds. I got very excited when the author did a cover reveal and Jadikira was on it! He's still one of my favorite characters and after reading this book that love has only grown. I liked Asterion's arc throughout this book and what's under that mask of his. 

There's also a particular scene that in the modern world we see nothing wrong with, but in the Bronze Age it is seen as not appealing. I just wanted to hug Asterion! On several occasions throughout this read! He's one that I have liked but with this book it has turned to love. Kit's still growing on me, but I will say this book has helped changed my view on him, not saying I hated him. Just you could tell from book one on, he was due for a reality check.

This series is about a slow burn RH or why choose time travel, historical fiction, romance. I loved how the Minoan's were matriarchal with women as the head of the families and holding higher positions than men. Men still being seen in high regards and respected. I loved the balance and the uniqueness of things and the culture along with the pledges. Oaths men took and how a boy became a man or was seen as such.

The book has language along with curses relating to the time period. We get more spice with this book because of all the buildup from book one. There are still some relationships being built or figured out along with tension. MF action, MM action, MFM action, both at the same time because the men are not shy of helping one another out. The female in the situation not protesting at all. FF action with passionate kissing and implications of more. Multiple POVs, violence, and some gore.

I like how the author included brief recaps of the first book. A short glossary at the ending of the book along with a list of Minoan Pantheon. Just the author did such a good job with this book, and I will be needing this series in physical copies when I can!

Now excuse me while I draw a bath and see if I can time travel back to the Bronze Age Mediterranean. I'm in a landlocked state it's my only option and I know my pledges are waiting for me. Sooo. . .bye! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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