The Mark of Chaos and Creation (The Mark of Creations Chronicles Book 1) Author Arabella K. Federico

Book Review

3.8 out of 5 stars!

"Monsters are nothing but bullies who hide in the dark. . ."

Kara's trying to get back at the people who ruined her life so many years ago. Only things may not have gone the way she wanted them to, dumping her in the middle of a real mess. Not to mention the benevolent ruler's interest in children with certain marks. . . Kara's set on revenge but what happens when the revenge she seeks merges with the need for protecting?

"A gilded cage is still that---a cage." - Kara

Kara's walking down a path full of aliens, disruptions within an estranged hierarchy, insane rules and laws, along with magic she's deemed a curse. Not being able to see a bright side to things and trying desperately to be accepted, never feeling abandoned again. But at what price will she pay to keep people in her life? Will she be able to find herself and what she's been so desperately searching for?

"Why are you afraid of your power?" - Malakyte

Kara's had to deal with some pretty heavy things growing up. She's not even eighteen yet! Kara has two goals in her head that no one can detour her from. But things go so wrong in the course of a day. Kara's about to learn what it means to be a part of a team and lowering her walls. Whether she likes it or not, she may just have to grow up a little. Secrets and lies can eat away at you until there's nothing left.

I loved watching Kara and how she grew and overcame things. I liked how she wasn't the typical FMC, she was a take charge and no prisoners type of young woman. Having tattoos and working as an apprentice! This world is set on Earth only a lot of things have changed. We are no longer the only race on the planet. . .and we don't hold all the power.

I chuckled to myself when I read how the characters within the book call Extra-Terrestrials. This may be a spoiler but it made me laugh, they call E.T.'s "Extras". And being my nerdy self all I could see was our glorious, angry-Pomeranian, Bakugo from "My Hero Academia" going around pointing and shouting Extras at everyone.

I enjoyed reading the flashbacks one of the characters had throughout the book. It made me curious as to how everything was going to merge together. I loved all of the cast! Malakyte was one of my favorites. . .I don't want to spoil anything so I will just leave it there.

Jance was another one of my favorites that I really enjoyed. Just a big softie with a heart of gold. I would gladly visit his home any day! Even if it's just to vent about life being hard and needing a shoulder to lean on. He was a great character and I loved this one scene where he sensed something was wrong and stopped things immediately. A training session with a character that brought up triggers.

One of the characters has been through a lot in their past. It never went into great detail and it certainly didn't need to! But a character suffered from SA when they were younger. Again there's no details only knowledge that something bad happened.

This book had quite the array of elements! We've got Science Fiction and Magic along with so much more! I loved the fusion of the two genres. The magic was phenomenal and I loved how the author tied so much science into her world. Describing how the magic worked and where it came from. The medical background of how it cannot be removed from an individual.

This is a YA book, there was some MF and FF action but only kissing. A scene implied that something more happened but it didn't show anything. I loved all the tension and buildup along with the enemies to lovers trope! There is language throughout the book and I chuckled when multiple characters would even get onto other's for their foul mouths. Also really loved that there was a bisexual character within the book! May or may not have squealed a little when I read about them. . .

For me, this is a personal opinion, I felt like in some areas of the book scenes were a little too long. Or there were a couple of winded paragraphs. This is just me, you may find absolutely nothing wrong. I still very much loved this book and thought the author did a fantastic job!

Sorry loves, this book does end with a cliffhanger! And oh! The last sentence of the book. . . You will be wanting to dive into the next book when it comes. This was a fun read with all the good stuff. Plot twists and elements that caused a wide array of emotions.

Enjoy the read with magic and extras! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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