The Blood Below Issue 3 Author Morgan Quaid Artist Willi Roberts

Comic Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These comics go in order so if you haven't read "The Blood Below Issue One or Issue 2" go read them first! Otherwise there will be some spoilers and this review will be confusing. They are very quick reads since they are comics, you won't be disappointed!

"Beware, son of Adam, you play a dangerous game." - Barkeep

Detective Nick Holden has just lost his partner to a weird disappearing bar! Nick's trying to find answers for the double homicide cases back from Issue One. Only now he's beginning to maybe realize that things are getting a bit more out of control. Wonderland here we come!

Running into a certain someone Nick hopes to get some things explained. But will he or will it just scramble things even more?

I love this series and the twists and mysteries that Nick is having to deal with! He just isn't catching a break at all. And now with a missing partner he is bound and determined to find answers, no matter what. Only what he's getting himself into is something beyond his imagination!

I really love the characters in this series. I was also very excited to see a particular someone from Issue One reappear. I kind of knew they would be showing up again. I was excited to see them and didn't expect the twist Morgan threw in with their character! Loving it even more and wanting to understand more of their story and how things came about.

This may be a spoiler but there have been hints about it since Issue One. Or if you have read anything else by Morgan Quaid specifically pertaining to a city it may be spoiled a little. But for me it isn't a spoiler at all! There are multiple character's dealing with their own arcs within this universe that was created. So this to me is simply Nick's entry point into Rust.

The artist did a fantastic job! The action scenes were beautifully done along with the depictions of Rust! I loved reading a novel centered around the mysterious city, but then being able to see the visuals with this comic series. . .is just incredible! I also love the grittiness Willi brought to life with his drawings. Along with the cool scene involving the bar and the aesthetics of it.

I am still hooked and the cliffhanger. . .gave me butterflies. Because I think I know what happens next and I am very excited! This is a grittier comic with gore, violence, and language. It is such a well written comic and the art is beautifully dark.

Enjoy the read as we dive further down the rabbit hole. Will we ever get answers? Oh, and please, someone get Nick some Almond milk next time! And don't forget to give the author some stars!


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