Spectral Redemption (Spectral Analysis Book 3) Author Joanne Alain Cook

Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!

"A curse, which bids one each for redemption, over and over."

Kiki and Janine have moved away from the sensational TV show "Spectral Analysis". Both needing to connect to things pertaining to themselves. Kiki going home to Scotland and her reconnecting to the coven, while Janine's finishing that degree and potentially marrying her love! Only things start to go array. . .

A curse has been brought to light that can no longer be ignored. Coincidences have been popping up everywhere and everything's coming to a head! Placing Janine and Kiki back in the middle of things. Testing their friendship and love for the men in their lives. Will the men hang onto them or flee? Will Kiki have her awakening? And will Janine ever get to have a peaceful life?

"Most people fancy dating a witch as cute, but then they delve deeper into things, and they dinna understand it." - Gwen

This book made me want to burn some sage and lavender, so I did. Helps to clear out the nasties of the house and freshen the air, but be sure to leave a window open! Even if it is just a crack so the unwanted "guests" will actually leave.

I loved the story so much! All the way up until the very end, which there was a twist that I was like OH NO. But the story has a HAE for the cast! I enjoyed the paganism in this book very much. How things were very authentic along with some artistic license. With detailed depth of science and new gadgets that are designed to help in the paranormal investigator world. Since not everyone can be like larger than life, Kiki Mellow.

These books are a trilogy, but they can be read as standalones. One and two will have cliffhangers that of course will want you reading the next book! I still have not read book one. . .shame on me. I will get to it one day when I am not trying to keep up with so many deadlines. I did enjoy the little refresher paragraphs about people and places within this book.

Kiki's someone I would love to meet! Her energy's incredible and I love her fire. Though she may have to cool that fire just a smidgen in the future. Janine has grown on me and how she's overcoming a dark past. I was also very surprised with a scene between her and a father figure. I applauded Janine for what she said and did.

So this paragraph may be a spoiler, but there's a scene of attempted SA. Nothing happened and things were stopped. There's a curse and a demon, the demon or a dark energy may have influenced someone within the attempted scene.

This book does contain violence along with slightly terrifying scenes. There's some light cursing but most of the time character's cut off their dialogue before stating the actual word. MF action is seen throughout the story along with intense passions and teases. Now before the scene gets to the climax. . .it is cut to black. Things are implied but nothing in detail on the page. Also, loved the representation of a lesbian character! 

I really enjoyed this book and just the wild connections. Love how things happen in different places yet seem to come together in the end! Even though you're just reading and questioning how such and such relates to this. I loved the twists and all the paranormal aspects. Along with the strong coven of women and their connections to one another. Loved the village in Scotland and the tight-knit community!

Enjoy the read and be sure to leave offerings for the Faeries if you are ever in their glen! They prefer some milk and honey. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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