Sinners Consumed (Sinners Anonymous Book 3) Author Somme Sketcher

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This book is a duet!

"Sinners Anonymous" is the first book in the series and if you haven't read it yet, that is okay. You will have a better reading experience if you read book one first. Since the couple from book one are present in book two and three. However! Books two and three are a duet! Meaning where two leaves off, three picks right up. Spoilers a head if you haven't read "Sinners Condemned" first.

"But I'm going to take you anyway, and then I'm going to ruin you." - Rafe

Penny knew all along something wasn't right with the whole "gentleman" thing. She would have never used such a word to describe the man. Now sitting in a car with the sight of Blake and Rafe's busted knuckles it is all confirmed! But does she really want to see what's under the façade? The full spectrum that is Raphael Visconti?

Rafe has decided to give the world the finger and sit whilst things are going up in flames. Only how can one just sit when Penny Price is around? Is this really a smart decision? Will he ever get his luck back? And why does Angelo keeping giving Rafe a knowing look?!

"I'll ruin his life.

He'll break my heart.

In the end, neither of us will win this game." - Penny

Wow so this book! This part. . .this part of the duet was worth the wait! Fair warning, there's no such thing as "slow-burn" with this book. Our favorite enemies to lovers duo is back and they are still playing tense games with one another! Neither one wanting to loose or surrender. . .

I absolutely love Penny! She was an amazing FMC who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Not caring if she was voicing her opinion to a coworker or a big-bad-mobster. Penny is not the typical damsel in distress around the mafia, Rafe would know! He finds it amusing and frustrating at the same time.

Rafe was a great character and I really enjoyed watching him grow. Something happened that forced him to rethink some things and I was so happy about it not being the typical-cliché outcome. I really appreciated Rafe's platonic relationship with Rory! There was this one scene involving Jolly Ranchers, "trash" TV, and Angelo that had me laughing out loud.

I cannot wait to read "Sinners Anonymous" next month because I unfortunately started this series with the duet! I don't care if I may have spoiled things for myself, I need to know Rory and Angelo's story! I loved the different dynamics of the cast and all the understandings. Their different personalities and characters were perfect.

So. . .I am probably going to need to schedule a therapy session after I write this review. BUT. . . I very much loved Gabe. He's honestly my favorite character and I hope he gets a book in the series! I would destroy that book in a heartbeat. I loved him since the first part of the duet and after reading this one. . .yeah my therapist is going to laugh at me. I admired his psychopathic ways and his own game he came up with. . .

This is a Dark Italian Mafia series! The enemies to lovers is a little intense and there are some kinks. MF action along with BDSM and some other dynamics. There is language in the book along with violence and some gore. One of the character's has a dark past involving an attempted SA. Multiple POVs including a couple of twists that had me stunned!

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go think about a toxic man with green eyes and a scar across his face. . . Do enjoy the dark romance with an age gap and enemies to lovers! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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