Seeing Sound (Tasting Madness Book 1) Author Albany Walker

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I wanted a change." - Waylynn

Waylynn's trying to make a new life for herself, starting over. In a new town with a soon to be college debut! She's hoping to gain some "normalcy" with her life, not wanting anyone to know of her secrets or that she sees doctors and takes medicine. She's sick and tired of being sick, never seeming to get better.

Putting aside the past only goes so far before it comes back to bite you. Having run into two certain someone, Waylynn's life is about to get fuller. Can she keep her past from these new people? What would happen if they knew the truth? And why does one of them insist on checking the locks of her house all the time?!

This book will pull at your heart strings! Not to mention the ending. . .Albany literally breaks your heart with the cliffhanger! You will desperately be wanting the next book as soon as it comes out. I devoured this book and would have read it all in one night. But apparently I needed sleep before my morning job. . . But this book was phenomenal!

I don't know if this will be a spoiler or peak your interest even more to read. Waylynn's been having issues all her life with invasive voices coming into her head randomly. She has other things going on that I know and have felt from first hand experience. Waylynn sounds like an unknowing empath. She's yet to understand what it is and how to tune out things but I am curious to see what happens with her arc. Now the author did place an epic twist in with the hearing of voices, and that's all I am going to say!

"God damn, her words land right beneath my belt buckle." - Memphis

I absolutely loved all of the cast! This book is focused on Waylynn and her need for a normal life. She's paving her way and slowly coming out of her shell. She just needs a little help from some people who aren't letting her out of their sight. I really loved the banter that was brought about by the characters! Especially Memphis and OZ's comical banter. Along with just how close the two are and how it's obvious that you can't find one without the other.

I haven't read much by Albany Walker, regrettably, but from just reading a single book of her's I knew I needed more. And then while scrolling through my feed on social media, I saw that she was in the works of releasing this book, it being similar to "Friends with the Monsters". One comment led to another and now, I am able to leave this review! Albany just has a way with words and bringing forth unique characters that just suck you in.

This book is a why choose genre! Buckle up, because this is a SLOW burn! There's tension and chemistry all over the place, but sorry, no big, crazy spicy scenes. There's MF action and little teases of things but this is going to be a work in progress. Along with different builds between the group.

There's mention of characters' dark pasts or experiences. Language is present in the book and some boundaries needing to be made. A relationship seen as a no-no if word got out to the right people, teacher/student taboo. Multiple POVs was such a treat! I love seeing both sides realizing things or having silent battles that would be nothing if they just communicated. But what's a book without angsty drama?

The book was beautiful and the characters. . .stunning! I just want to hug Oz and give him all the snacks! I very much cannot wait until the next book to see what happens. Maybe my heart won't get broken again. . . Author's capable of breaking your heart are honestly the best. Feeling the intense emotions and fully understanding a character as they go through things is perfection.

Enjoy the read with Waylynn trying to find her normal life, but what is "normal" truly? Everyone's definition of normal is different. Don't forget to give the author some stars!



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