Blaze : The Phoenix Prophecy Book 2 Author Cara Clare

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These books go in order and pick up right where the previous book left off. So if you haven't read "Nova : The Phoenix Prophecy" go read it first, you won't be disappointed! Otherwise, this review will have some major spoilers and also make no sense.

"So, then where the fuck is he? And why did that creep just lie through his teeth to a pair of cops?" - Luther

Trying to find Kole is like looking for a needle in a hay stack! The guys and Nova can't figure out which group has taken Kole or why they did so. Well. . .maybe Nova knows something. . . Kole's a top priority and one of her "guys". But is her idea a good one or will it only worsen things?

Nova's still trying to wrap her head around this new life she has been plunged into. Her magick is growing which is very weird considering where she originally started. A normal human in a toxic relationship in a small town nothing more. But now. . ? Sparks will fly for more reasons than one! Nova's going to get Kole back no matter what! Can she find him first? Should she be as worried as she is about the Viking? And was that a wolf's howl?

We get to see everyone again! I was so happy to see all of the cast back in this book. I enjoyed seeing more of their personalities and the buildups between the cast. Even if the builds were of characters platonically liking one another more and having more respect for the other. Along with some angst and holding feelings back. . .

"I have an idea, little star."

. . .

"I have a feeling you're going to struggle to sleep tonight. So, why don't we play a game with our professor instead?" - Tanner

Mack's trying to deflect Nova and Snow's ideas on things. Being the "daddy" of the group he doesn't believe he should have such impure thoughts. *Clutches pearls as Nova walks around the house in a certain get-up.* I love Mack and how he's trying to maintain balance and some form of order. But when you have a fire bird living under your roof? And she's still learning to control her magick. . .chaos is sure to be around the corner.

I loved the scenes with Nova and her feeling her magick! There is one scene that is a bit violent and has some gore, but it was a fantastic justice-served moment. I love watching characters have their moments of utter release and letting go of things or emotions that no longer serve them!

I was really happy to find brief recaps of things within the book! Whether it be about places or people it was nice to have little, helpful, memory joggers. But after reading the first book the cast has become a group close to my heart that I remembered the majority about!

There's a lot of spicy scenes in the book! I would say almost a third to maybe a half is spice. I mean with Nova's new relationship with Tanner they are kind of all over one another. Everyone knows how it is when you are with someone and you have decided to move past second base. Plus, who wouldn't want to just be all over Tanner? Even if it's just hugging, holding hands, or just ruffling his hair! He's a big sweetie and I loved seeing more of his abilities within the book.

The author gave a tease about a bathtub scene. . . You will NOT be disappointed by it! It was perfect and definitely a scene you didn't know you needed until after you read it! This book contains all the actions within it. MF, MM, MFM, MMF even if some are just little teases. I also love how the guys are having different buildups with Nova, not all of them just falling at her feet at once. Also like seeing how Nova's slowly realizing she isn't alone anymore. There's also language, violence, and gore.

This is a great continuation of Nova's story! I love all the cast and seeing deeper sides of them along with some backstories about characters. I cannot wait for the next book, so yes. . .expect that cliffhanger. But the next book is set to come out at the end of this month! (September 2022) I need it!

Enjoy the read with our favorite little star and her guys! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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