The House of Dragon Blood (The Ruined Series, Volume 1) Author B. C. FaJohn


5 out of 5 stars!

"Your soul is as limitless as your mind, and with those tools at your disposal, anything is possible." - Marvin

Varin was perfectly content just being a mercenary for the crown. Even if the jobs involved creatures that he shouldn't have walked away from in one piece. Yet with the accomplishment of his last job and an encounter with the court mage his life's about to change. A series of events lead to him traveling away from the home he always known.

Traveling to a kingdom that doesn't frown on non-humans or magical abilities. Yet can any of this be real? He's just a human, raised by human parents, right?

Cateline's been a prisoner inside the castle for as long as she's been alive. Not allowed to venture out, finding comfort in an elven servant. One who's surprisingly survived her father's prejudice against elves. Only within a night her world changes. Soon she's pushed into a new destiny that involves hunting down a dragon! Do such creatures really exist? Or are they just tales made up? And why's there a weird marking on her neck?

"Fate had a funny way of suggesting a path." - Varin

Who wants to go on a wild adventure in search of answers, magic, and dragons? I do! This was a very epic tale with high fantasy. I enjoyed seeing the different aspects of the lands and how they viewed magic and non-humans. There was a lot of secrecy and hidden truths in this book! I loved every part of it!

I loved all the arcs with the main cast. Cateline's coming of age, finally being free of her home. Only she doesn't see it as such. I was frustrated with some of the cast surrounding her and how they teased her. But neither side really understood the other. Varin stood up for one cast member that I personally thought he should have cast aside.

I am more of a morally gray character border lining on villain. . . He did have good reason for wanting to see the good in this particular character and maybe, just maybe in the books to come the character will redeem themselves.

I loved Thaddius and his personality! He's definitely a friend I would love to have. Helping to create balance, comedy, and sometimes the voice of reason. This may be a spoiler but he's a satyr! I loved how the cast is very diverse! I also hope a certain cast member ends up with Roen, that's all I'm going to say. I loved his character and hope to see more of him in the books to come.

This book instantly gave me The Witcher vibes as well as Game of Thrones. More so Witcher than anything else. I loved this book and hope to continue the series! There's scenes of violence along with one in particular that may be a little too much gore for some readers. You can skim read what the scene entails. The author didn't go into great, microscopic detail.

There are multiple POVs in this book which I loved. The author will make you feel things with her cast of characters. Anywhere from happiness and cheering to anger and frustration. There's some MF action but ultimately the scene fades to black. You just get a sense of what happened. I like that in this book the author focused more on the adventure and overcoming things than anything else.

This is a very fun, epic read with a cliffhanger! An adventure with magic and so much more. Enjoy the search for a dragon and give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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