The Arcane : Part 1 Author CJ Cooke

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Looking back now, I never would have guessed that the day I'd truly start to live would be the day I died." - Remi

So. . . That's the first line of the book and if it doesn't just hook you and reel you in, then I don't know what will! 

Remi's been forced into a life she never got the option of choosing. Missions and assignments she wasn't thrilled to take but the current assignment takes the cake! Teenagers. . . A whole academy full of them. . . The assignment is to track down a threat to the school and the kids in attendance. Remi doesn't like to "people" but now she has to. And to top everything off she's an art teacher! With actual students and everything.

Remi has no idea what she's about to embark on. Things may just change in ways she never expected them to. Working alone all the time and ignoring your handler only gets you so far in life. Remi's about to discover more than just a dangerous threat at this academy. . .

First off! I need, need, need the next part of this book! So yes, there will be a big cliffhanger at the end of this book. Anyone want to attend an academy with supernatural beings and humans? Trying to prove to the world that shifters, witches, and so many more can live alongside humans. Even with some minor "teething" issues?

"I need to learn how to people better." - Remi

Same! I can relate to Remi on so many different levels. You can only hang onto anger for so long before it utterly consumes you. Causing you to be this person you don't recognize or want to be anymore. Remi may be an adult but she's about to grow up. Did you know that even as adults we are still growing? Growth happens in all stages of life, not just our adolescent years.

I really loved Remi's character and how she handled a certain scene with a jealous party. The jealous party also got what they deserved when they thought they had accomplished a power move. . . The way Remi handled it and just all the open communication amongst the cast was so refreshing! Of course there's still some barriers that need to be torn down, but work in progress.

I loved all of the cast and their different personalities. This book contains a "why choose", RH themes. I enjoyed how the potential love interests had different paces. Some were instant while others were slower. So you get the best of both worlds with the instant action and the slow burns! MF action that's spicy and intimate.  There's even an unrequited love in the book, sorry if that is a spoiler. 

One of my favorite characters was Ellis! He is a shifter and that's all I am going to say. (Love what he shifts into!) I just want to honestly hug the big guy and commend him for having so much patience with Remi. Being a handler's already a tough job but Remi doesn't make it easy on the big cinnamon roll. I will also be going out with Ellis to get burgers, anyone want anything?

"The next week would be filled with dominance fights, hormones, tears, and general teenager related shit. Someone remind me why I decided to be a teacher!" - Garrett

This book does contain language, violence, and some teenager-related deaths. But the author conveys the deaths respectfully and even the cast respects things. One scene included a cast member not wanting to show a picture of the crime scene in consideration for the victim. This book has a giant mystery to solve and I loved watching the group trying to figure it out. Even sometimes working separately and having to catch one another up. References to Scooby-Doo were made within the book!

Enjoy the read with drama, crime solving, supernatural/mythical beings and so much more! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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