Bloody Deception (Beautiful Deception Series Book 1) Author Arianna Barton

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Great, I was stuck with the spoilt Barbie and the stuck-up fae." - Chandra

Everything was going great until it wasn't. Chandra was on the trail for an item and almost had it in her grasps when things went belly-up. Now being reassigned to a mission she dreads I believe Chandra wishes she only had to deal with Barbie and the Fae. Instead, she has to help train and determine if the recruits are worthy of joining the guild.

Not trusting anyone or allowing people to get close to her. Chandra faces things her own way. Until something happens while helping to train. . . Chandra's world may have just gotten a whole lot bigger whether she likes it or not. But will she tear down those incredibly high walls and allow people in? Trusting someone else other than herself? And when will she be reassigned to actual assassin missions?

"Move me and you'll lose a limb, Witch." - Carro

Chandra's a witch and I loved meeting her familiar! I don't want to give anything away but he's a very grumpy familiar. Wishing to remain curled up in her bed, sleeping all day, and not being disturbed until the end of days. I enjoyed being able to read their banter they had back and forth because of the bond. Chandra's very closed off and wants to keep it that way, only allowing an extremely select few into her life. There are hints about her past and the reasons behind why she's so guarded.

This is going to be a series about facing ones past and healing from it. Moving on and letting go of things that no longer serve the here and now. Only Chandra may not think so. She's a very strong willed and independent person because of the solitude. Though every once in a while it's okay to ask for some help, she just has to get there first. There are great twists in the story and the ending was fantastic. I am so ready to read the next book in the series! The book ends with a cliffhanger that will have you needing more!

Hunter was a character I instantly fell in love with! He's the very definition of "Golden Retriever Boy". His personality seems odd for an assassin but if you think about it, it's honestly perfect. He's able to get close to people and it's difficult for people to dislike him. Meaning he could infiltrate very easily and get away with what needs to be done. No one suspecting him in the least!

When I met Hunter I knew he would be one of my favorites in this series! I cannot wait to read more about him. There's a quote I really love from him but I'm afraid it would be a spoiler. Just know, he's adorable and you will want to give him a big hug. Maybe ruffle his hair! There are two other characters I really enjoyed and cannot wait to see more of in the books to come.

I loved the diverse cast and all the supernatural beings! The author doesn't limit beings or their capabilities. Some I haven't even heard of before! And even though Chandra's a witch, she has some intense abilities. Witches in this book aren't restricted to just controlling fire elements or earth.

There's a character that Arianna came up with and you will have strong feelings about them pretty quickly. I dislike the character because of who they are and their morals. But I love the depth of the character and how they provoke feelings of disgust. They do sexually harass a character, verbally.

Chandra's abilities are perfect for being an assassin. Chandra does enjoy her job a little too much. . . Though majority of her missions involve certain characteristics about the targets that trigger her. I feel like in some way she's getting revenge for something involving her closed past. The author provides details of how Chandra uses and manipulates her powers. To some it may be a little unsettling, this is a darker themed genre. I enjoyed Chandra's abilities and found them very interesting.

There's language in the book as well as violence. This is a book with RH and why choose themes. I loved how this will be a slow burn and you can tell the pacing will be different for the love interests. There's maybe one that is instant love but the others will be slow. Sorry, there's no action in the first installment of the series. I enjoy reading stories with a diverse cast and not all love interests instantly being in on things. Making it seem and feel more realistic.

I love Arianna's writing style and how it is fast paced. I couldn't put this book down until I was reading the acknowledgements! Enjoy the debut novel and give the author some stars!


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