The Night Queen (Romantic Fairy Tails for Adults Book 1) Author Denise Daye

ARC Review

Set to Release July, 26, 2022!

5 out of 5 stars!

"The gods show kindness to those who show kindness first." - Alrick

Mina von Rhine grows to hate that phrase from the day it was uttered to her. Kindness didn't work out for her or her life on the eventful day of her seventh birthday. Now years later on her twentieth birthday she's known for her dark heart. Not allowing her heart to see the light of day or kindness has earned her the nickname of The Night Queen.

Being placed on the throne next to her father he presents her with a LINE of suitors. Majority being from the North who has been at war. Seeing them as barbarians and her father simply playing into the hands of the war, she defies him. Publicly humiliating every last one of them. Until she says something to one of the suitors that causes her father to show his hand.

Making a snap decision the King places Mina in a situation she cannot avoid. Yet there's hope when she decides to sneak away to the North with an insufferable carpenter. A lowly man who just wanted work and now he has to help Mina. . . Neither too keen about the other, but she has offered him a lot of riches. Why not take the spoiled princess and get paid? 

"Fear and pride make lonely companions." - Old Woman

This is a coming of age story for Mina. Having been spoiled all her life she is needing to learn about the world outside her golden castle. Seeing things from a different light and hopefully it will soften The Night Queen's heart. I enjoyed watching her growth and how she evolved, slowly but surely.

There was an intense scene that I enjoyed but my heart was a little broken. She did something that she actually didn't need to do, but in the end it made her stronger. She's a feisty woman that luckily has someone to challenge her and another to sooth her. Being patient with her even while she was in the middle of her storm of emotions.

I loved watching the three main characters together. Mina has two companions on the road to the North. I didn't agree with everything one of the companions stood behind but I understood. I loved the twists within this story and the tension between Mina and the carpenter.  There is some MF action and language, but as the author has stated this is an adult fairy tale.

Mina's father is very impressive and I enjoyed how his mind worked. He's a wise man even if he did help to create The Night Queen. This was a very enjoyable read, there's some sadness and very happy moments. The book does end on a cliffhanger but it's a gentle one. I cannot wait for the next book and to see how Mina overcomes more obstacles!

Loved the writing and all the tension within this fun adult, fairy tail! Will definitely be continuing the series. Enjoy the adventure filled read and give the author some stars!


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