Once I Was Alive (Dead or Alive #1) Author S. C. Jones

ARC Review

Set to Release July 28, 2022!

5 out of 5 stars!

"For now, I'll keep calling you Gloomy Girl and I'll stay as Tattoo Guy." - Mystery Man with tattoos

First and foremost, read the warning at the start of the book. Just in preparation for when you read because chapter one launches right into everything. If you like dark themes with a happy ending, you will enjoy this very short read!

Quinn Sullivan's tired. Tired of this life, this cruel hand she was dealt, and having to face it alone. She's ready to accept Death even though it seems to keep evading her! Rushing to the roof she is ready to jump when a mysterious stranger approaches her. Simply asking if she has really thought this through. Being stunned by his question and his handsome appearance, Quinn begins talking to him.

Finding out he's easy to talk to and comforting. There's also this undeniable pull toward him that she cannot explain. Neither of them have stated their actual names yet, just talking. Observing the people and things around them. But when the man with tattoos reveals his name, it sets Quinn on a course that she never thought she would be on. One that has her pursing it harder than wanting to jump!

This story sucked me into the pages so quickly! And let me just say. . .THANK GOODNESS for the EPILOGUE! I was like um no, no, it cannot be. I loved Quinn and tattoo man so much and their dynamic together. There was instant attraction on both sides but a barrier between. This book gave me "Not for the Faint of Heart" vibes.

I liked how Quinn figured out being a sacrificial lamb wasn't the way to go or to really have a life. Also there was a big twist in the book that I loved so much. But was also screaming NO. Just hang onto the ride it is a very fun one and again this story DOES end in a happily ever after. Pinkie promise.

This is a very short read being only 104 pages in length. There are some dark elements within this book and some heavy material. There's also some language. But this was a very good read and you will be cheering for Quinn also saying oh no a lot. I loved all of the cast, except for a certain someone. . . You will completely understand why when you read the book.

Enjoy this dark read with a happy ending and give the author some stars!





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